Love Jadot Stop motion Draft by motionistaz

Welcome To Our Storyboard!

For this New Year's project, we recreated our storyline in order to better highlight the importance of joy, fun, and playfulness, which should be expected from the brand new year.

Since the product itself comes from the country of glamour and sophistication, we decided to bring out the charm of Love Jadot in a fictional way, combining the most associated colors of the New Year's decoration: Gold and Silver, along with other complementary tones that enrich overall design.

(some of our accessories we plan to use)

For the background, we decided to paint a wooden board in a rich blue color, as this surface is often used among wine themes, and the color goes well with the rest of the items.

(we chose dark blue paint for a nice contrast)

As a main source of movement and transformation, we're using these golden sequins which we think can represent the confident and cheerful personality of the product.

The action is going to take place inside of a nicely decorated "natural frame," which shows off the celebratory setting and mood.

(Please keep in mind that the picture above only gives you an idea of the scene and it's not at all a final version of our setup)

Rather than using an actual Love Jadot bottle and the real glasses, we chose to go outside of the box and give our video a little surreal charm instead.

(background color will look much lighter with the professional lighting)

As you can see on the picture above, we're using this golden sequins (in this case symbols of playfulness, confidence and glamour) to create shapes that are associated with New Year's celebration for most adults.

  • First, we want to start with our clock shape that has shiny Love Jadot logo on it. The scene will start with rotating arrows hitting 12 o'clock. (we'll also have one of the arrows pointed towards the logo, hinting the idea of "It's a Love Jadot time!" suggesting the connection between the excitement of 12:00am and the time of enjoying a glass of Love Jadot.
  • After the clock hits 12 o'clock, the shape starts collapsing, ready to be smoothly transformed into another structure- 2 glasses of wine. Since there's no celebration without "cheers," we'll animate these glasses saluting each other and collapsing into a big firework.
  • Finally, after the firework fades away, we'll wish everyone a happy new year by typing these words using the same golden sequins and will end the scene with this positive message.

Overall, this is the general idea of the project and the way we approached the task to link the product with the occasion. We think that with this "surreal" way of demonstrating Love Jadot will not overwhelm the viewers with the sense of watching a commercial, but rather show them a nicely decorated shot with cool motions, making them aware of the brand as well.

Please note that this draft is still very raw and some details are tangible and might be changed/added during the production process.

-Thanks, motionistaz

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