The Divine Good Life Glenda Gomero

Constans Theatre

The Spatial Experience: My feelings as I entered the building were intrigued. I had been in a theatre several times before but never in this theatre. It was very interesting to see the set as I walked in as well. I believe that I had a very good seat. I sat towards the middle and the front of the theatre allowing me to see everything properly. When the lights dimmed and the audience grew silent I felt that there was a proper sense of etiquette shared by the audience. The size of the auditorium just made me feel like there were more people there which is what was happening. The actors must have had to project more. The role of place in the good life is very important. The environment around you very much affects how you are as a person and your beliefs/thoughts may even be affected by place.

The Social Experience: I went with my 2 friends to this play. I also sat next to some strangers. I believe that my friends gave commentary throughout the play, when there were breaks, and they were not loud about it. This made my experience more enjoyable because I got to share the experience with them. The role of shared experiences in the good life is important in my opinion because it adds more enjoyment to the memories you will have in the future. Shared experiences are of value to me because they can be fun a lot of the time and even if they are not fun, they still add to your memories and are of more importance. Being alone is also something sacred to me but I still am very social and believe that is veryimportant in finding the good life.

The Cultural & Intellectual Experience: The play took place in 1905. These times were considerable different in many ways such as how women were treated and the roles of both men and women in society. The central issue addressed in the play was about the life of poverty. I knew a lot about poverty because it has been introduced to me throughout my life. Poverty is a very serious issue even until today and we as a society must try to help this issue as much as possible. The play did not necessarily change my view on poverty because I have always felt that it is a very serious issue that affects several people. I am fortunate enough to say that I cannot relate to poverty but I still understand the severity of the subject.

The Emotional Experience: This play demonstrated the importance of poverty and how serious it is. The idea of katharsis is very present in this play for the audience because it brings the idea forward. Most individuals do not like to think about all of the horrible things that may be going on in the world because it can be depressing at times but it is the reality. The play bring poverty and gender roles forward so that we recognize that it was a problem in the past and is still a problem now that we have advanced as a society. This may relate to coming clean because you feel like the problem is addressed more than usual. More action must be taken but this is just an introduction/beginning of the process that comes with katharsis.


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