Chapter 11 Vocabulary By Channing S

Force- push or pull that acts on an object

They are pushing each other
When a person pushes another person that is using force on someone.

Contact Force-a force that requires two pieces of matter to touch.

These men are moving furniture
When you push a piece of furniture that is using contact force.

Friction-the force that results when two materials rub together or when their contacts prevent sliding.

Rub these balloons on your head!
Friction can occur when you rub a balloon against your head.

Non-contacts Force- a force that acts at a distance.

This is a magnet
Magnet Forces are an example of a non-contact force.

Gravity- a force of attraction between any two objects.

This is Earth and moon
Earth is an example of having gravity. It keeps us on the ground, unlike the moon, which has no grail its so you float.

Acceleration-the rate at which the speed of direction of motion of an object changes over time

In a car, when you push down the gas pedal harder and harder it accelerates.

Inertia- The tendency of an object to resist any change in motion

When you ride a roller coaster and you go up your body is going up to, but when it goes down you feel like your going to fly out of the seat your body is trying to go up still, but again when the rollercoster goes up again your body is trying to go down.

Simple machines- a machine made up of one or two parts

A seesaw is an emailed of a simple matching because it is a long board type thing on a triangle, so when you sit with another person is keeps going up and down.

Lever- type of simple machine that a bar moves around a fixed point or support

You can use a lever to turn on and off a machine.

Pulley- a simple machine that has a rope or cable that runs around a grooved wheel

In a tree house you might have a pulley, if you have a pulley you can lift studs up and make it go down.

Wheel and axle- a simple machine made up of a circular object attached to a bar

A wagon is an example of a wheel and axle .

Inclined pane- a simple machine that has a that has a flat surface with one end higher than the other

If you hav ever seen a semi truck being unloaded they have a inclined plane.

Wedge- simple machine that can be made of one or two inclined

An axe is an example of a simple machine that is used to cut wood.

Screw- a simple machine that had a smooth cylinder with a tiny inclined plane wrapped around it.

Some people use screws to keep things together.


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