Journey Log 7 By: the Greatest Of All Time

Journey Log 7 started 20:59:59. In the words of Journey, "Don't stop believing even when you have a tough week with two exams and the rough draft for our AWESOME research paper due!"

Pretty sure that's how the song goes! Hey, there is an example of using creativity! One of the habits of mind! And you as the reader must use openness when it comes to my creativity because it is sometimes hard to get... But hey, if you are persistent, you might understand my humor! Dang I am killing these habits of mind, a Seven Nation Army couldn't hold me back!

Limited Pictures so just imagine it says Good Job!!! Because Honey I'm Good!

But in all honestly, this week has been pretty chill as one can certainly say when he does cartwheels for extra credit and accidentally skips class! I promise it was by accident and proved it by at lease putting the effort to show up at the end! But everyone has those days as Hannah Montana might say. Although this did almost involve me almost falling down the steps and publicly embarrassing myself in-front of the class due to my half-decent cartwheels! (gotta stay positive!) There is me showing energy- a word that should be on the Habits of Mind list. First, I mean come on now, metacognition is on there; I can hardly pronounce that! But really, without energy, one cannot perform creativity/engagement/etc. if they are not energized into the task at hand. Energy is the thing that spurs all the habits of mind, because without it, would we really care?

But I don't have a say in what is a habit of mind... "Because no one man should have all that Power!" There is something Kanye actually got right!

But with spring break coming up, all I want right now is my "toes in the water and my butt in the sand, with not a worry in the world but a cold Mellow Yellow in my hand!"

Honestly though, "a souther man don't need all this work around [because I'm ready to go back to] Sweet Home Rocky Mount!" Reflecting on the the paper, I understood and personally saw the positive feedback one would get when peers review their work. I knew I just had to crank out this paper like I'm Soulja Boy and I think I did a pretty decent job. Until, I saw how many grammatical mistakes my peers found! (but in my defense, I was never taught grammar in K-12). I guess I got that Nelly Country Grammar?! And then I saw Chris's comment in which it said- as I paraphrase- stop trying to sound smart and just write the damn thing. (But honestly, your feedback was very beneficial and I agree completely with what you said)

But I have so far enjoyed working on this paper and look forward to further working on it. And I also look forward to getting that paper back with an "A!" (Hey, worth a try?) But on the real though, did you figure out every song I referenced in this journey log? Scroll down to see if you did?! But hey, if not hope this journey log made your night reading this because it certainly made mine as it helped me procrastinate on my Econ homework!

  1. Don't Stop Believing- Journey
  2. Seven Nation Army- The White Stripes
  3. Honey I'm Good- Andy Grammer
  4. Everyone Has Those Days- Hannah Montana
  5. POWER- Kanye West
  6. Toes- Zac Brown Band
  7. Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  8. Crank That- Soulja Boy
  9. Country Grammar (Hot Shit)- Nelly

Thorp Out.


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