come and stay at china By:Alayna muller

The Great Wall of China 长城

This is a very important and popular place to go in china. It is the most popular landmark in china.

Terrecotta woriors

The Taracotta woriors are there because before a emporor died he thought they could protect him while he was died. He hoped no one would find him or knew he was died because they didn't exactly like him

Peaking duck is a very popular meal for Chinese. The best place you can eat this is at siji minfu.

One US dollar is 6.88 yuan. So if you decide to go to china you don't have to bring much. Plus once you exchange your amarican money for Chinese you can keep the rest a a suviner.

Suzhou pan pacific hotel is a place I went when I was in china. It is in Suzhou. It has a secret garden the garden is beautiful.


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