Imagine What should we be Know For?

What happens when you google, ''Community Economic Development.''

The Olds Institute is found. Out of 172,000,000 results

But what is Community Economic Development anyway?

Wayne Cadwell professor from the University of Guelph in his rural planning and development says,

"At the top of the house is quality of life, which is what this whole process of community economic development is about. Rural communities are engaging in community economic development in order to improve the lives of their families, friends and neighbours."

Wikipedia says, Community economic development emerged "in response to tenacious poverty and the need for affordable housing, good jobs, affordable health care and quality of life matters needed for human existence.

The Provincial Government says this what CED does,

Imagine being known for Community Economic Development
  1. It's simple
  2. It's already done for us.
  3. We've already been doing it for 15 years
  4. The more we can educate everyone about CED the more the Olds Institute will be less questioned on what it does, or why it exists.
  5. If you refer to Cadwell's model on the House, The Olds Institute has spent the last 15 years building this house, the owners being the community but never really having tenants until Mitch came along, then dean, followed by Patti. We've paid off our mortgage. Its time to own it. And tell everyone about the..........................................................................................................................Olds Institute Community Economic Development

OI brought together the Town of Olds, Olds College, Olds Regional Exhibition, The Olds and District Chamber of Commerce and the County of Mountain View as well as our school systems to develop shared knowledge and community capacity. It became the think tank and connection point for collaborative efforts. OI has a Community Economic Development mandate, took the lead on Sustainability planning, supports community marketing, entrepreneurship and volunteer development. OI’s outcomes are a strong economy, healthy environment, a strong social network, a vibrant cultural scene, good governance and diverse revenue streams.

The Olds Institute engages more than 150 volunteers on a dozen active committees and two social enterprises. We have attained a level of relationship maturity that enables community leaders, businesses, social agencies and volunteers to work together to differentiate the community and address challenges and opportunities as peers. We connect people with passion to purpose and place. We support regional objectives and community initiatives. We leverage our resources and the will of our core members to do more together than we could alone.

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