Outcome 2: Time Management Self Observation

Semester Schedule
Weekly Classes
Ideal week
Day One: Sunday, March 23

Day One:

Today is a Sunday and usually this is the day I split between relaxing and spending some time in the library preparing for the week. I woke up at 11:30 which was a little later than I would have liked but I went out the night before and needed the rest. I took a little while getting up because it was Sunday so why be urgent about it. I played some music as I got up and went about showering and getting dressed. At this point I went to make an omelet to give myself a good base for staying focused throughout the day. With being awake and fed I began washing some clothes as well as my sheets so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during the week. Around (3) I finally made it to the library and got myself a coffee to bolster my alertness then settled down with my perishable notes to prepare for the week to come. I decided to take a study break around 4 to give my mind a chance to rest and to call my parents to see how their week was. After this I powered through stats quiz for around an hour then left the library. I stop by to check the mail for the start of the week on the way home and upon arrival I start dinner and look over some more perishable while I cook. My girlfriend comes over and we eat dinner on the porch and then watch a movie and go to sleep between 7 and midnight. This loosely follows my schedule, and because it is a Sunday I’m pretty happy with what I accomplished given that nothing was very pressing this particular day.

Day 2: Friday, March 31

Day 2:

Let me start by saying this was a nearly perfect Friday as far as execution. I woke up right on time and was quick on getting my shower and getting dressed. I never eat breakfast on Fridays which allows me to sleep longer. I hop on my moped and get to work at 10:35 because of construction which was fine because I don’t have a manager. After getting my laundry truck ready I drive to campus and begin the process of chilling in the back of the truck. After reading the news for a half hour I go grab some breakfast quickly and return (tacos). After my meal, I waste an hour watching Netflix but it was ok because I earned it. My last hour of work (1-2) saw me taking care of an online stat exam which I did fair on. I quickly leave work at two and go home and make a quesadilla and then return to the library. I spend over an hour there studying so I wont be clueless Sunday and get out of there by four. I moped home and listen to some music to relax and after check my emails because I likely wont until Sunday. I become distracted around five so I decide it is official weekend time now and I have beer number one. My dad picks me up around 5:30 and I leave town to go camping. This Friday I adhered very closely to my schedule and really the only thing that I didn’t accomplish was starting my weekend shenanigans at 4:30.

Day 3: Monday, April 3

Day: 3 Today is Monday. My Mondays really are what I make them because I only have one class so it's important that I make time for what important. I wake up at 8am and I’m tired because I didn’t go to sleep until 12 the night before and I usually need a good ten hours after the weekend. I make time to get downstairs and make eggs before class, which is always good for concentration. I get out of the house and make it to class dead at 9:05, so I didn’t get a front seat but it was still reasonably close to the front of the class. At 10 I moped to the rowing dock for some reflection and alone time before the week begins and stay for 20 minutes. I then go to my job and drive to location by 11. Today, I’m a little distracted and play CIV 5 for an hour but I change pace and study stats for an hour after that. Then I do miscellaneous studying until I’m off at 2 and facetime a friend in the middle. I then go to Chipotle for some stomach fuel and head to my house. As I pull into my neighborhood I see my friends are at the pool. I enter a two-hour period off stasis by the poolside until the sun starts to descend and then I go in and do my stats homework before starting dinner. I find time after dinner to apply to jobs for an hour and then descend into Netflix and music as the day wanes and I go to sleep around 11:30. This day did not go exactly as planned, I like to get more productive things done while at work then I did and I wasn’t planning on going to the pool, but you don’t get beautiful weather everyday so it was worth it.

This pie chart is rounded to the nearest 5% increment to show how equally the first three quadrants were distributed, the problem comes with how much time I spend in quadrant four. I think the reason I had such a large amount of time in quadrant four is because I'm a hedonist and my priorities reflect that, especially with how I prioritize my time. Also, I counted every time that I got distracted from work and breaks from study in this sector which could have possibly been quadrant 3 some portion of the time. I also think that quadrant one needs some work as I shouldn't be spending that much time in it. I presume it is reflective of my large amount of time spent in quadrants three and four which consumes time that would render quadrant one obsolete for quadrant 2.


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