San Diego Traveling with a toddler

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First-time flyer here, folks! And, despite being puked on after one of our flights home from the trip -- I'd say things went fairly well! I'll get to the puke story in just a minute.

First, let me just ask -- are any other mothers out there aware that TSA agents swab your hands for explosives? I guess they want to make sure you're not hiding anything in your baby's diaper. I would say it took me by surprise. But, these days -- nothing that we have to do to get through security surprises me.

After getting through security fairly easily and snacking on some "Dino" crackers, we chased Remi around the Newark International Airport terminal until we were ready to board. We wanted her to tire herself out as much as possible.

The minute we stepped onto the plane, Remi captured the heart of a flight attendant. That flight attendant snagged her from us and brought her back to our seats a few minutes later with a picture taken in the cockpit.

Later in the flight, another attendant gave me a "flight crew" pin for Remi.

Here's baby girl finally resting on her daddy at the end of flight #1 from Newark to Phoenix. It was a five hour flight. This little girl hung out on our lap so nicely playing games on the iPad, coloring, and reading books. Around hour four, she had a meltdown from being overly tired and fighting a nap up until this point. Still, many passengers complimented us on how well-behaved she was for such a long period of time. On flight #2 from Phoenix to San Diego, she entertained everyone around her. Overall, I would say the first round of traveling was a success!

While in San Diego, we ate at some amazing restaurants like "Hash House a Go Go"...

Hash House a Go Go

met up with family and friends who we haven't seen in many years...

Pictures taken at Stone Brewery and the Hilton Garden Inn Bayside

visited the amazing San Diego Zoo...

San Diego Zoo

and -- enjoyed a seafood dinner, took a dip in the pacific, and watched the sunset at the beautiful La Jolla Cove.

Dinner at Duke's La Jolla

After four days exploring the city and attending the Adobe Max Conference at the San Diego Convention Center -- Brian, Remi and I were headed back to New Jersey.

I know, I know -- you've been waiting for the puke story. Get ready for it...

Both Brian and I were feeling a bit queasy after landing in Chicago from San Diego. It may have had something to do with the fact that we partied with a friend of his from high school our last night in San Diego and only got three to four hours of sleep. But, Remi on the other hand did no partying that night. Still, as it turned out, she was feeling quite queasy herself after the three and a half hour flight. As I sat her down on a chair in the terminal, she spit up a little bit. No big deal. It was the color orange like one of the pouches we fed her on the plane. I picked her up off the chair to wipe it up and as I put her down - bam! She profusely spewed all over the carpet and me -- it was down the front of my shirt, dripping down my chest and stomach inside my shirt, and all down one of my pant legs. Also, the puke was no longer the color orange; it was green. Seriously, it was like a scene out of the Exorcist. It just kept coming and coming and then came some more. I never saw her throw up like that before. Immediately, Brian and I jumped into action. He cleaned up the carpet in the terminal while I started changing Remi into a new outfit. (Teamwork, folks. That's what it's all about. And, I feel very fortunate to have a husband who is always so involved, right by my side.) As for me, I didn't bring myself a change of clothes so I was pretty much screwed. I did the best I could to wipe the puke off.

The crazy thing is -- I wasn't even worried about being covered in throw up. I was shocked when it happened but the only thing on my mind at the time was keeping Remi calm and making sure she was okay. Not once did I worry about what others around us might be thinking. In fact, as it turned out -- people were very supportive. One couple jumped up to try to help us. A few others gave me words of encouragement once we got everything cleaned up. Thankfully, the throw up wasn't the smelly kind. And, thankfully, Remi was back to herself a few minutes later running around the terminal, smiling, and laughing.

Brian and I were even more thankful that Remi slept the whole flight from Chicago to Newark.

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