International Media Verna Jean Arambula

The Cobbled World of News: "Euronews, Europe's Answer to CNN"

Euronews & CNN Offices

The European concern for preserving cultural heritage was the main reason for trying to prevent the "Disney Effect" from replacing the diverse cultures that exist in Europe.

The Homepages of CNN & Euronews on February, 26, 2017
The stories covered on the Euronews and CNN websites were somewhat similar. Both featured the Mardi Gras incident of a car slamming into a crowd. Although, the prominent headline on CNN was Trump not attending the White House Correspondent's Dinner. The Euronews stories were much more diverse; featuring stories from across the globe. This fulfills the "mandate to cover world news from a European perspective."

The focus of the Euronews website elicits both the the electronic colonialism theory and the world systems theory. Europe is composed of core, peripheral, and semiperipheral nations. Euronews serves all these nations and broadcasts simultaneously in 13 language services. CNN lists only three.


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Photos of Euronews and CNN offices were from Google Images search.


Google Images

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