Commissions and Clayworks MAKENZIE B. PADILLA

Hello and welcome

This is a website to help promote my local soon to be career.

As you may already know, I am planning to do commissions and clay works for original ideas and or fandoms (shows, comics, books, etc) .

These items prices will be judged for size except for the clay works because they only come in one size. Yes they are relatively small but that's the charm to them. The drawings or Commissions (whatever you want to call them) come in 3 sizes

small, landscape (medium),and project (large)

the project size would be big like a full big sketch book page, possibly will be on card stock if I can afford it, if not, I'll end up using the copic paper that doesn't let the ink bleed through on my other papers.

Landscape would be smaller, it definitely will be bigger than the small size, basically if I wanted more space for for than just a shoulder view of a character.

Speaking of characters,

I am willing to draw characters from practically and fandom, ranging from anime, books, cartoons, shows, or just originals, I do however draw the line at shows that are meant for little kids, such as telletubbies (seriously why would you want that), My little pony (because adults got really creepy about that) and so on.

I do- do research when it comes to shows or fandoms I don't know about and follow the art style, if you want to see my own style I guess I can do it but you would probably prefer the show's style if it's animated.

Now these drawings may take time when it comes to digital or traditional, and the clay works, if you request it early in the week like Monday, more likely than not the latest will be the next week's Monday, that's for my digital drawings, big projects, and clay works, now for traditional, those can be done relatively fast because for a small it would take me 2-3 days because of school and family, the landscapes would take 3-4 days

Now, I am fairly local as of right now so I am only able to sell at Buena High School in Sierra Vista, It will eventually change, I'll update and say when it does, but for now the places people can find me are hallway 1200 right in front by the wall, or room 2111 after school on Tuesdays and Fridays, because I'll be in anime club, which I do encourage you stay for if you come.

Once again,

thank you for your time, and I will be looking forward to your patronage.

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