Fundraise with Battle Cancer STOCKHOLM 2020

Hej Stockholm!

Here is your first workout.

That's right! It starts right now. For the first time, we're challenging you with an AMRAP - as much RAISED as possible. And it will count towards your score on the leaderboard!

You and your team will fundraise your hardest to earn a place on the leaderboard ahead of the four workouts on event day. You can fundraise right up until event day. Just screenshot your fundraising total, submit it at registration, and get ranked on our leaderboard. The more you raise, the higher you'll place!

Who are YOU battling for?

Let's Fundraise

Did you know that your ticket price pays for us to run Battle Cancer events? It's your fundraising that can make a difference.

Before we stand together to celebrate and crush workouts in Stockholm, we need to work towards the most important part of Battle Cancer - raising funds so that cancer charities can continue their incredible work.


If you're looking to fundraise for a Swedish cancer charity we can recommend Barncancerfonden, but you can choose any registered cancer charity to support.

Barncancerfonden help families and contribute to paediatric cancer research with the aim of eradicating childhood cancer. Our dream is for all children to survive childhood cancer. That's why we support the Children's Cancer Foundation! Simply set up your fundraising page using the link below.

Battle Cancer Move Forward

We also have our own project that you can fundraise for - Battle Cancer Move Forward. The Battle Cancer Move Forward program turns cancer survivors into fitness coaches by supporting tailored fitness classes and mental health seminars for local gym communities. Simply collect cash donations or digital donations into your own account, then gift the total using the link below.

It's simple

We ask that each team aims to raise 2500 kr / £200 for their chosen charity, but there is no minimum or maximum. All we ask is that you try to raise something!

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to donate or sponsor your Battle Cancer challenge. Once you've hit your target, donate to your chosen charity via its website.

You can find a Battle Cancer Sponsorship form to print here.

It counts!

Remember, your fundraising total becomes your first score. You'll need a screenshot of your donation, or a confirmation email to show our staff.

Submit your fundraising total at registration on competition day and get ranked on the leaderboard - the more you raise, the higher you'll place!

4 easy steps

  1. Choose your charity
  2. Ask friends, family and your community to donate
  3. Hit your target and make your donation
  4. Submit your fundraising total at registration and rank on the leaderboard!

Some teams have smashed their target by getting creative with their fundraising.

Why not check out our previous workouts and do a sponsored Battle Cancer workout? Check out our Dublin 2020 workouts.

Any cash you raise should be collected, deposited into a bank account and then paid digitally to your charity by you. Battle Cancer does not handle any cash.

Good luck!

We can't wait to see your fundraising efforts. Be sure to tag us in your photos and videos so that we can follow you on your journey leading up to Battle Cancer Stockholm 2020.

A huge thank you from all of us at Battle Cancer for supporting our event and battling together to kick cancer into the dust. See you on the comp floor!


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