Sea Turtles sea turtles life is awesome

A Sea Turtle's Life Begins

Curled up tightly inside an egg, a baby sea turtle is ready to break free. Many baby sea turtle die before they reach the water. They are eaten by seabirds, crabs, and other animals. Perhaps only one in a thousand will survive to reach adult-hood. The young turtle will live at sea for the next few years. If she survives to become an adult, she will one day return to the same beach where she was hatched. There, she will lay her own eggs.

Ocean-Going Reptiles

Sea turtle are reptiles just like snakes, crocodiles, and lizards. Like all reptiles, sea turtle have lungs for breathing in air. Sea turtles can't more around much when their bodies are cold. They sometime need the sun to warm themselves.

Shells and Flippers

Sea turtle have been on earth for millions of years. Around the time of the dinosaurs, about 175 million years ago, some of these land turtles adapted to life in the ocean. Sea turtles ' land ancestors had clawed feet.

Turtles on the Move

Some adult sea turtles live in one place for most of their lives. Other sea turtles migrate to warmer water in the winter.

Nesting Turtles

Female green turtles lay an average of about 100 eggs. Nesting turtles usually come ashore at sunset or after dark. It is cooler then and predators can't see them as easily.

Sea Turtles in Danger

To help protect sea turtles shrimp fishermen use special nets. Many sea turtles become trapped in fishing nets and drown.

Turtles of the Sea

Reptiles are one of the oldest groups of animals on Earth. Because sea turtle have remained virtually unchanged for 150 million years, they and other reptiles like them have been "living fossils" by scientists.

Sea Turtles were on this planet before us so we should save them from being extinct.


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