People's Judgment Based on Appearance. D'Arjanai wade

"When you ran from me, I didn't know why. How could I know what an ugly thing I was" (35)

The monster was calling himself ugly and saying that's why Victor and humans run when they see him.

"Believe me, Frankenstein, I was benevolent; my soul glowed with love and humanity; but am I not alone, miserable alone? You, my creator, abhor me; what hope can I gather from your fellow creature who owe me nothing? They spurn and hate me. The desert mountains and dreary glaciers are my refuge" (Chapter 10)

People hate him because they think he is dangerous, and he is ugly so he feels alone.

"How can I describe this thing I had worked so hard to make? He was very tall. I had chosen his face as beautiful. Beautiful? how wrong could I have been? His long hair was black and shiny. His yellow skin barley covered what was underneath it. His yellow eyes almost matched the color of his skin. He had straight black lips. This was what I had worked on for almost two years. For this, I had gone sleep and almost destroyed my health. I had worked for a beautiful dream of creation life, but in that moment, all beauty was gone. I was filled with horror. I ran from the workshop to my bedroom." (23-24)

Victor was explaining how he thought the monster was going to turn out beautiful but he was wrong and he ran from the monster when it came to life.

"Let me go, you monster!" he cried. 'You want to tear me into pieces, and eat me all up!' let me go, or i'll tell my father." (49)

William is scared of the monster after William told him that his father is Alphonse. William started calling him a monster because of how he looked.

" It heard me come in. It turned to face me. Never in my life have I seen such a face. I cannot find the words to tell how ugly and horrible it was." (69-71)

Walton was amazed at how ugly it was when he saw the monster on the boat.

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