Monster time By jonathan

Black Plague

My monster includes 4 functions which includes - fan, button, sound, light

There will be this face on 1 of the 4 faces and a fan with streamers will be blowing out from the mouth
This picture will be on 1 of the 4 faces there will be a buzzer available for you to push
In this picture there will be a speaker saying something very quiet and creepy so you will have to get close to it
This picture will have lights coming out of the mouth


a legendary animal combining features of animal and human form or having the forms of various animals in combination, as a centaur, griffin, or sphinx.


Our monster used to play around with a kazoo his name was Jeff. He was walking around playing his kazoo he fell in the trash can. In the bin he ate a light, buzzer, fan with streamers and ear buds. He got out and went home. A week later brok grow 4 faces and 1 of these 4 items on each face.

Case Studies similarities/differences

Our monster is vey different to sully (monster inc) because sully is Happy, friendly but our monster the kazoo monster is the complete opposite mean, and angry


you drink it

What is its habitat

Where did it come from

How are the wires going to connect

How are we going to make

How long is it going to take to make

How many parts does it have

What are we going to call it

Is it controllable

Can it be effected by wheather

Is it effected by wind can it go on grass

Can it turn

Can techrax destroy it

Can drive through grass

Will it look good

What's the radius of each wheel

How many eyes in total

What music does the phone play

Will it break

Where do we store it

Can he reproduce over robots

Does he have arms

Is the paper coloured

What's sticking it all together

Do we have to destroy it at the end

70Are we actually going to show this to Steven Spielberg

How is it powered

How is it operated

How is it a monster

Will the whole monster operate from one power source

Is it drop resistant

Will it over heat

Will it freeze

Can it be charged

What are its weaknesses

Can it have military use

Some relevant Maths, Science, technology, engineering

Maths is required in this project because you have to count all the little piece of the equipment and make sure you haven't lost any pieces

Engineering is required because you have to find different solutions if 1 doesn't work you would have to rely on other solutions

Science is a major part because of all the functions that the kazoo monster can do. So you have to remember gravity and how heavy it is.

You definitely need technology because of all the programming required to make an arm move or make it move forward


•paddle pop sticks



•fan with streamers

•ear buds



Educational drawing

REFLECTION: in this assignment I have created a page on how this monster is going to be made. This page shows the maths, science engineering and technology. This shows the planing of the up coming monster

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