Southern Colonies Simoni K.

Come to the Southern colony to see a tree and the economy

Reason for Founding

People from Great Britain came to the Southern colonies because they wanted to grow crops so they can earn money. They grew rice, tobacco, and more. Catholics also went to the southern colonies. They went there for Religious freedom. The last reason that people went to the southern colonies is because Georgia was a buffer zone. Georgia was a buffer zone because people wanted to protect the wealthy states.

Economy ( Shipbuilding)

In the Southern colonies there were many ways that people can make money. One of the ways were shipbuilding. Shipbuilding was a good way of making money because the Southern colonies were close to the ocean, which means that they could use the ships easily. It was also a good way to make money because there were lots of trees in the southern colonies. The trees have wood, and wood is what most ships were made of.

Economy / Geography

In the Southern Colonies their was very good weather, so people could plant trees and crops easily. The bad part about that was that at first southern land owner would use American Indians as workers on there farms. American Indians also worked on other places in the colonies so Southern land owners started to replace the American Indians with enslaved Africans. This was called slavery, and slavery was a way that people made money.


In the southern colonies there was warm weather, so most of the year there was lots of sunshine and little rain. There also was good soil and lots of plants. Some of the plans were cotton, Indigo, and tobacco.

Government (Maryland)

At first most colonists did not have a lot of power over the Maryland government, but when Lord Baltimore made his brother in charge things changed. His brothers name was Leonard Calvert. Leonard Calvert made the decision that Maryland could have an assembly. This allowed people to have more power over Maryland.

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