What you need to know By: cynamon

Beijing beef is really bad for you. It has 699 calareis and 4g witch is 40% saturated fat.

Chow fun has 46% sodium which is 1110g. Sodium is the sugar.

These foods are the worst for you at Panda Express.

If you want to go and eat healthy go with it veggies, water, and string bean chicken breast.the totally calareis for this meal is 230. The total saturated fat is 1g, and the total sodium is 1300mg.


Created with images by JeepersMedia - "Panda Express" • goodiesfirst - "made in china beef chestnut stew" • onefish2 - "Shrimp Chow Fun At Hing Won" • ve2jpt - "It was either Michelina's General Tao chicken or this shrimp meal from Panda Express... I guess I can always have General Tao at a later date... 😉"

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