My Career Research Project By: Melissa Shapiro

4 Letter personality Type

My two highest Naviance Career Interest Profile scores are Artistic and Social. Artistic reflects who I am because my interests are drawing, dancing , and editing on pictures and movies. Social also reflects who I am because something I want to do when I'm older is either being a guidance counselor or a kids teacher.

15 words to describe me
The career I want to do when I'm older is Guidance Counseling because I love working out problems and making students feel like they always have someone to talk to.
A Guidance Counselor is someone who either works in a middle school or high school. Their job is to to sit down with students and make sure everything is going okay either in school or out of school. Guidance counselors also help with arranging your schedule and helping you switch out of certain classes. When working in a high school, guidance counselors work with student's applications when applying for college.
This job is a good fit with my personality because I'm not a shy person when it comes to speaking to people I don't know very well. Being a guidance counselor involves being a good listener and speaker. I fit this well because I feel I'm an understanding person when it comes to working out problems.

Being a guidance counselor requires a certain education to be successful. To prepare for a job like this, students learn about fostering academic development, conduct groups and individual counselings like working with parents, school staff, and community organizations, and use data to develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive school counseling programs for all students. You must have a state issued credential to practice, which is known as a certification.

When going into the profession of guidance counseling, you usually go to school majoring in school counseling or a related field. All counseling jobs require a minimum education. Some counseling jobs require a teaching license and a criminal background check as part of the credentialing process. Some employers prefer to hire licensed career counselors, licensure is not required by all states.

These are 3 top colleges that have guidance counseling majors

Point Loma University located in San Diego, California
University of Redlands located in Redlands, California

Lehigh University located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Researching more about the requirements and taking as many work opportunities as I can will open up more options for me to find a job in the Guidance Counseling career. Looking into it, a club that I can join to become more experienced in this career at Commack High School is the Educators Rising (Future Educators of America) club.
Guidance counselors evaluate students abilities and interests through assessments, interviews, and individual planning. They identify issues that impact school performance, like poor classroom attendance rates. They also just help students and adults with behavior problems, school problems, and any public or private problems going on in their life. Guidance counselors have different responsibilities depending on what level of school they're counseling for. The higher level you guidance for like high school and college, the more responsible you have to be with telling the students how to act and help with their future career

The work environment is a little different to other teachers when you are a guidance counselor. School counselors work in private and public schools. They often have private offices so that they can have private conversations with students. Career counselors work in colleges, businesses, government agencies, and career centers. Both school and career counselors generally work full time. Some school counselors do not work during the summer when school is not in session.

The future employment picture looks like total occupations went up 7%, school and career counselors went up 8%, and counselors, social workers, and other community and social service specialists went up 12%. The percentage change in field expected between 2014-2024 is 8%. There are 22,500 jobs added into the guidance counseling career.

The median salary in the NY region for this career is...

Elementary and secondary schools-$61,260

State and local government, excluding education and hospitals-48,460

Junior colleges, colleges, universities, and professional schools-47,620

Community and vocational rehabilitation services-36,970

Total occupations pay $36,200, Counselor, social workers, and other community services pay $42,030, and school and career counselors make $53,660.
After researching my career, I am still very interested in Guidance counseling. The part of this job that interests me the most is being able to sit down and speak with kids to really help them with their problems. make them feel like they always have someone to talk to. The part that worries me most is trying to find a job position that pays well because i know there aren't many openings available. I'm eager about this career because I've been thinking about being a guidance counselor for about a year now so I think I have made up my mind. If guidance counseling doesn't work out for me, some other careers in my mind are pre-school or kindergarden teachers, or being an art teacher because I love to draw and paint.


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