Mrs. Adami’s Class 6-8Th MaTh, Religion, Tech

Next week we have Grandparents Day and our Patriotic Program on Wednesday! 🇺🇸

Poinsettia sales for 8th grade are due next week! This helps to fund our trip to Austin at the end of the school year!

Middle School classes have been focusing on Digital Citizenship this week. Here are a few pictures of 8th grade as they debate which candidate to choose as host for a teen talk show based on their “digital footprints”.

We also discussed the importance of creating a digital footprint that is positive and the difficulties of trying to “clean up” poor choices online.

We stressed the importance of positive online behavior and how what we do and say online can effect our future options with employers, colleges and scholarship opportunities.

Other topics this week were: having a media “balance”, how to identify scams online, what a “phishing” scheme is and being safe online. Our curriculum comes from Common Sense Media and it is a website I highly recommend for parents. It has a ton of resources on a variety of topics and is constantly updated as technology continues to change.

Reminder that your child can earn extra credit on daily assignments by completing IXL math skills. Also, ANY test grade can be corrected to raise the grade. Corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper and staples to the test.

Congrats to our IXL Students of the Week for math: (August 13-18th) Drew Sandoval, (August 19-25th) Landon Sylvester, (August 26-Sept.1st) Johana Tobar, and (Sept. 2-8th) David Northrop.

Confirmation has been moved to March 4th. 8th grade students receiving the sacrament need to have the mass attendance cards signed every weekend!! The confirmation retreat will now be January 10th- 11th at the Prothro Center at Lake Texoma. More information on the retreat will be sent home as I receive it. This is all I know at this time.
Thank you to 8th grade for leading our First Friday All-School Rosary on September 6th. Please join us for the next Rosary on Friday, October 4th at 8:15.
Congrats on our newest altar servers: Maria, Camilla and Skylar. We appreciate your willingness to serve. ❤️
Check out our amazing watercolor silhouettes done by the Art elective students!!