Good life Nature Activity at FLMNH By: irazu guinan

Photographed by Ariana Borton. In the picture: Irazu guinan

This particular part of the exhibit was the most beautiful aspect of the exhibit. As you can see it looks like a beautiful jungle and its beautiful creatures in it. This caught my attention because the exhibit really made it seem as nature looking as possible for it to be the home of different types of butterflies. Since I have little to no knowledge about butterflies , I did not know much about the variety of butterflies that exist, so observing all of those butterflies roaming around was a great experience. The most enjoyable aspect of the museum was watching the butterflies because some butterflies would land on me and I had time to take pictures. It was a great experience to hold a butterfly and see all the variety of butterflies.

Nature and Ethics: The museum did provide me with the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends because I truly appreciated the little things of the exhibit and admired its beauty. I felt very emotional throughout my experience at the museum because the whole museum demonstrates nature and its history and I believe it's a beautiful thing to experience the different aspects of nature and how we got to this world and the beautiful creatures that surround us. The girl I went to the museum with was thrilled with the exhibit, she kept repeating "wow this is incredible," therefore you can say we both truly enjoyed our visit. The museum allowed the visitors to connect with nature by letting the visitors be approached by butterflies which was a beautiful experience. My experience in the museum did instill an ethical responsibility to nature because i realized how fragile and unique the butterflies were which allowed me to care for them in another level that I never reached before by visit.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum helps us step out of out ordinary lives because in our ordinary lives butterflies rarely approach us, specifically butterflies as diverse as the ones in the museum. Also the museum teaches us about the past and the times where soil was pure. This museum helps us better understand who we are because it shows us primitive people and how they worked and how they lived and took care of our nature. This helps us better appreciate the mystery of the natural world because it helps us question different ideas of how nature came to be.

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irazu guinan


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