EditOrIal opinion. December 18, 2016

Towards a More Perfect Union

Tomorrow is the Electoral College vote for the 45th president of the United States. I suspect that the vast majority of Republican electors will do their duty and cast their vote for Donald Trump, making him victorious over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the vein of the confused logic of Republican governor John Kasich of Ohio, few electors have had the guts to expose their inner political and intellectual confusion to public scrutiny.

What I would not be surprised to see are more than one or two Democrats who switch their votes from Clinton to Trump. I am expecting his final electoral college vote total to rise, not fall. Why? Because it would be the only politically smart thing to do for any forward thinking Elector (Democrat or Republican) who realizes that to do otherwise means four and even possibly eight years of absence (outcast) from the political table of spoils at the federal, regional, state, county, municipal and local level. That is a long time in which it will become virtually impossible to deliver results to their constituents, most of whom are or were independents, anyway. That's the long answer. The short answer is self preservation.

In the Trump victory, voters have resoundingly shown that they are willing to turn the highest offices of government over to non-politicians, outsiders, if you will. They have crossed party lines and created an unprecedented climate for additional actual change at every level of government, by simply retiring those longstanding incumbents who have lost touch with the people, and who have outserved their public usefulness.

Fortunately, the American body politic is resilient, and all of these changes will only further the unfinished business of our founding fathers: towards a more perfect union.

Cheryle Neal Reed, Publisher and Editor, PacificTimesJournal.

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Cheryle Neal Reed, Editor And Publisher

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