Noah '21

"I've learned that I can do more than I thought I could do."

Albuquerque Academy students come from more than 80 different schools throughout greater Albuquerque and around the world, and they all share one thing: a nearly insatiable curiosity. The diversity of our student body fosters mutual respect and the sharing of unique ideas, important components of learning and growing.

When Noah '21 stepped on campus for the first time six years ago, he only knew three other students. However, he credits the close-knit culture of the 6-7 Division, along with the common Academy trait of hard work, in creating meaningful friendships, mutual respect amongst his peers, and an environment of enjoyable, authentic learning.

"I think everyone fits at the Academy," reflects Noah. "As long as you're driven to do your best and try really hard in your classes, I think everyone belongs."