Road to Marseille The San Francisco French High School AT the international Youth Games

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The Team is ready !
Our Instagram account: team_jij_lfsf_2017

We are a team of 10 students from the Lycée Français de San Francisco, coached by our 2 PE teachers. We are participating in the Jeux Internationaux de la Jeunesse (International Youth Games), which are taking place in Marseille from June 4th to June 10th. The JIJs are an international sports competition with 51 teams coming from everywhere in the world who are participating in various athletic and cultural activities, which are organized by the UNSS, the french union for sports in school. We would love for you to accompany us in this great athletic adventure, where living together and intercultural exchanges are the main values. At the JIJs, there will be: lifeguarding, cross-country running, orienteering, local games from the southern region of France, “pétanque”, nature activities and a choreographed video, which needs to be filmed before we leave to Marseille.

Meet the team

Our team is composed by 6 basic players and 4 substitutes, all sports lovers. Portraits.

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"La vraie réussite d'une équipe, c'est d'assurer la compétitivité dans la pérennité." Alain Prost

Our coaches

Help Us !

To finance our expedition, we have launched various actions in order to raise money: sports tournaments, parties for college students, going out to allow our comrades to attend high level game in the bay area, and more!


We have started a crowdfunding campaign. Family, friends... anyone could hep us ! Follow the link below !

Support our team

It's easy to become a partner of our Team. We are looking for sponsors to help us in our training project (swimming and climbing), in our equipment project and in our video making project. We could easily put your logo on our equipment and on this page!

Our partnerships

To be a part of this section, help us in our crowdfunding campaign !

CalHeat, the handball club of the bay !
L'UNSS, La ville de Marseille et l'AEFE sont les organisateurs de la compétition.

Special thanks !

To be a part of this section, help us in our crowdfunding campaign !

A special thanks to the french community of San Francisco : !
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Julien Tixier


Photos : Stéphane Houari / Julien Tixier

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