the defeat of the Spanish armada. The battle between British and Spanish armadas.

One of the causes was England paid pirates to attack Spanish ships.

England supported the Dutch revolt against the Spaniards

The Spanish was the biggest and baddest and that scared Brittan so they did all those things to weaken them.This is the reason why we aren’t speaking Spanish.The Spanish were weakened a lot.The Brittan’s and French got colonies on north America.

The fall of the Incas. It was Incas versus 100 Spaniards

The Spaniards wanted gold so they started a war.

The Incas tried to have them killed.

The Spaniards wanted more land.

The Incas were destroyed in the process.The Spaniards got 20 tons of gold.The Incan emperor was murdered by the Spanish.

Christopher Columbus discovered the new world.

He was a dumb dumb who was trying to get to the spice islands.

He was given false information to by Marco polo in his book. He thought he was going to India.

He wanted money.

That’s why the native people are called Indians.He made lots of money.He killed a lot of In cans.

The slave trade. Africans were sold to slave owners.

They needed workers for the American colonies.

They didn’t want to make slaves of their own people

They wanted money so they sold people.That’s why south America is full of African Americans cause their ancestors were slaves who lived there.they got insanely rich from it.

i used the notes to find my stuff

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