John Wilkes Booth Emily kosiuga

Did you ever wonder what provokes a killer to kill ? Well , we'll start from square one . His birth , education , life and death . We will go deep into the life of a killer .The life of John Wilkes Booth .

Born a dark haired , handsome faced boy , John Wilkes Booth came into this world on May 10 , 1838 . Near Bel-Air , Maryland , Booth was the second youngest of ten children . His father was a well known actor , Junius Brutus Booth . Booth attended the Milton Boarding School for Boys and St. Timothy's Hall later on . He followed his father's footsteps and became an actor .

When booth was only seventeen when he made his first debut in Baltimore . He was very acknowledged . He was touring the country soon with the Shakespearean acting company . He was " veritable sensation " - New York Herald ( ). He was naturally the bad guy and he quotes , " I am determines to be a villain " . Respiratory illness made Booth take a temporary break from the stage in 1863 . Just a few days before Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg Address , he watched Booth perform a play called "A Marble Heart " .

His view on politics were mostly rebellious . It all started with the Know-Nothing party , a small "club" where they discussed all the things they would change and etc. . He was present and participated in the capture and execution of John Brown, tried to treason against the commonwealth of Virginia . While the War , he served as a secret agent for the Confederates . He was so riled up at Lincoln , he decided to kidnap him and demand for ransom . Fortunately , that plan failed due to incorrect strategy thinking .

Mr. Booth was not married but he was irresistible to women . Therefore he fathered numerous children . He was described as " disarmingly handsome " ( and " Dark-haired , athletic , and romantically handsome " (pg. 261).

Booth killed Lincoln while he was watching a play called " Our American Cousin " . The plan was to kill the President , the Vice President , and the Cabinet members present . When Booth shot President Lincoln , he jumped toward the stage and shouted, "Sic Semper Tyrannis ! ( Thus ever to tyrants! ) " Booth then broke his leg and fled on his escape horse .

On the way to the safehouse , Booth stopped by Dr. Samuel Mudd's home to fix his fractured leg . Booth and his accomplices came to a farm owned by Richard H. Garrett (he was a Confederate). Edwin M. Stanton, the Secretary of War , led the search of Booth . When they found him in Garrett's barn , Booth refused to surrender . They had no other choice but to burn the barn down . Either Booth shot himself or Sergeant Boston Corbett shot him is still unknown but what is known that when he died , it was official ; the South will never gradually reconstruct their way back to the Union .

Was booth really killed ?? Rumors were going around that Booth's co-conspirator, David Herald , was really shot and killed . The theories were that he fled to Texas and changed his name to " John St. Helen" . he then shot himself in Oklahoma , as David E. George , on January 13,1903 .


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