Calli Anderson :-)

Hi! My name is Calli Anderson, but I go by Cal. I grew up in a very small town in Virginia called Jonesville. Growing up in a country town has really pushed me to the complete opposite. I am in love with new cities and new people. My favorite thing to do is travel and engulf myself in different lifestyles. As of now, I am content with living in good ole Johnson City, TN... but not for long.

I am a junior at East Tennessee State University pursing a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertisement with a minor in Journalism. Honestly, I've never felt more at ease with a title before as I am with this one. I am obsessed with social media, social situations and honestly anything that involves being social!

I am not sure what my future plans in this career field are as of now. I'd love to work for a magazine company in a big city (I'm a dreamer) but I guess we will see where life takes me!

A few of my interests include:

Netflix: I can sit and binge watch series for hours and never get bored. I absolutely love watching tv and getting into series as if they are real life.

Hiking: I am very adventurous and I love to go outdoors! Hiking, especially in East Tennessee, is amazing.

And finally, I love hanging out with friends and family. As I stated before, I am very social. I am always with a group of people. I am a extrovert to the fullest.

I enjoy the life I live. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been granted. I strive to be more adventurous and get to know as many people as possible throughout my college experience!

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