Calli Anderson blame it on my gypsy heart

Instagram fanatic, Stevie Nicks addict, avid traveler, and gypsy soul all described a small town Virginian. Growing up I've always felt the need to be where I am not. Since I turned 18 and moved away from my small hometown, my views on life have changed tremendously. I've learned that GPA and academics matter more to some than an adventurous soul and fulfilled life. For me, my first year of college was all based on the preconceived notion that you are your GPA. I wasted (well not truly wasted) my time worrying about if my grades were good enough or if I was intelligent enough to get anywhere in life instead of worrying about my own well being and happiness. I have now learned, through an era of trail and error, that life is about more than a GPA. Life is about making yourself and others around you happy. To do so, I had to learn to let go and follow my true North.

East Tennessee State University was not my school of choice. Attending college to further an education in the medical field was my initial plan; therefore (like every medschool wannabe) I wanted to go to a huge well known university. Yet life had different plans for me. My older sisters (I have 2, I am the youngest of 3) , both got accepted into East Tennessee State and both decided to attend to further their education. (The oldest has her masters in social work and the other is striving for a degree in early education). Anyways, growing up I always followed in their footsteps and mimic every aspect of their lives, so why not mimic their college careers? I followed them to ETSU and became a buccaneer in Fall of 2015. I have never been happier with a life decision than I am with this one. I have met some of the most amazing human beings that have impacted my life in more ways than one. I now adore and appreciate being a buc more than ever.

Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertisement with a minor in Marketing is what I am now labeled. Honestly, I've never felt more at ease with a title before as I am with this one. I realized in the first semesters of college, that I'd rather communicate with people than save people. But in a sense, I think Mass Communications saves society every day just not in the same way the medical field does. I am obsessed with technology, photography, and videography. I love the way one simple image or video can tell an entire story or event. I am intrigued in the way things can be twisted and questioned to change perspectives in every day life.

As I said in my previous slide, I've learned to truly love life through travel. Over the past year, I have experienced more things than the average college student. I owe my adventurous outlook on life to my best friend. She has truly shaped me into the person I've always wanted to be. From below sea level in New Orleans to the tip top of the Rocky Mountains, she has been my traveling soulmate. Coming to college in Tennessee was a big step for me due to living in such a small town with narrow views on the world. Meeting Haley changed that for me. From the beginning she taught me that taking time off to travel is never a mistake, leaving in the middle of the night to go on a road trip is not foolish, and having a gypsy soul is a wonderful thing. The main reason this is on my slide is to highlight the person I am. I am a leader in a lot of aspects of life, but sometimes you must become a follower to find out who you are meant to be.

I enjoy the life I live. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been grated. I strive to be more adventurous this year and let my soul lead the way.

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