Winterguard Eat. Sleep. SPIN.

You’ve might’ve heard of Colorguard, but did you know Winterguard exists, also? Winterguard is a competitive activity where people spin flags, rifles, sabers, and also dance to create a unique performance. Sophomore Lauren Kerr and junior Maddie Mincinski, who both are in Utica High School’s Colorguard, are both in Resurgence Winterguard.

Left: Mincinski holds her flag high before practice foot work across the floor. Middle: Kerr practices foot work while holding her flag. Right: Mincinski and Kerr waiting for further instruction.
Mincinski pretends to hold a flag, called “air flagging” in Colorguard, while practicing the flag routine.
Kerr and Mincinski do the dance part of their routine.

Resurgence Winterguard’s performance this year is about the empowerment of women. They are performing to their program, “We Have A Voice.”

Kerr picks up and spins her rifle. Although it has the shape and design of a real rifle, a Colorguard rifle is made out of wood.

The girls practice every Tuesdays and Thursday, and sometimes have all day Saturday practices. All these practices lead to the big day: Competition Day.

The performance in the video above was at West Bloomflied High School on Feb. 3. Resurgence received second place in their division. Since this competition, Resurgence Winterguard has received first place.

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