War of Roses By Breanna Chase

They both claimed that they had ful right to the English throne after Richard lll died

The battles lasted over 30 years

Yorks symbol was a white rose and the Lancasters haad a red rose

Finding Ricahard lll

Richard ha dbeen killed by henery ll in 1485

His body had been lost of over 500 years until they found his body in a parking lot

Who killed the princes?!

I belive Henry is uilty for the cause of his nephews death because he was the last perosn to see them and he took them to a place where only prisoners were to go to be exacuted.

Why did he kill them?

I belive he killed them because he wanted to become king and craved power ande the only way for his to gain the crown was for the nephews to die

Though there is no proof that he had killed them i still belive he did because he had much jeousy toward those boys because they had a higher place to the crown than he did


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