Renewable & Non-Renewable Energy! By ellie jane 10b

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an energy source which can be used again and will never run out.

Here are some of the main renewable energy sources:

Wind Energy

Wind Turbine

Wind energy is mainly created through wind turbines. The turbine is rotated by the force of the wind and creates electricity. This source is very effective but can get many complaints. People tend to complain that they are ruining the natural beauty and aren't very attractive.


Solar Panels

The use of sunlight is know as solar energy. Solar power is turning light energy into electricity. This is done through solar panels. The panels are a potential infinite energy supply but people do say that they ruin the look of the countryside.

Wave energy


Wave energy, is the transport of energy through wind and waves. this depends greatly on the weather and strength of waves. Most people may not know about this source of energy.

hydroelectric energy

Hydroelectric energy is the movement of energy through rivers, lakes and dams. This also creates water reserves as well as electricity but is very costly to build.

Pros and cons of renewable energy:

  • Don't effect the planet greatly
  • Can be used over and over again
  • Quiet
  • Not well tested
  • Not as powerful
  • Don't offer instant fuel


Non renewable energy is sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Once the resources are used up there will be no more.

nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is made up of radioactive materials such as uranium being mined. Electricity is generated from the energy that is released when the atoms of these minerals are split.

fossil fuels

The 3 main fossil fuels are Coal, Oil and Gas. Coal is mined, Oil is pumped from under the ground, and gas is released from between seams under the earths surface. The atmosphere is affected when burned fossil fuels give off atmospheric pollutants, including greenhouse gases.

pros and cons of non renewable energy:

  • An instant source
  • Known to be reliable
  • Offer employment
  • Ugly
  • Wont last forever
  • Polluting our planet


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