Surviving Rome The catholic guide

You need a safe place to live

We're retreating into the catacombs. We can hide in the oldest son tunnels among the dead bodies. You must keep your hiding spot a secret, and make sure that no one follows you at all costs. If you are caught make sure that you have a way to tell your friends, and a plan to get free.

Building a family

Everyone that is Catholic at this time is living in fear just like you are. To build a group that is strong enough to resist persecution you have to be caring, and you have to have something to offer. Be careful with who you let into your group though because not everyone has good intentions. Put your safety over theirs until you really know them.

Map of the catacombs

So far the catacombs in the south west are safe for Catholics to hide

Why you should come

If you are caught by the Romans you will be persecuted, unless you deny your faith openly. Stay faithful and come with us. You can grow in your faith and survive until the end of the Romans.


Stay in big groups so if you're caught you will be able to fight off the Romans.

Dress the same as every other citizen. Don't draw attention by wearing clothes that are easy to point out in a crowd.

Don't worship God in public.


Who is in charge?

The people choose the leader. If they're unhappy they can choose a new one.

How do we get food?

Everyone will have different jobs and some of them will be to go up and get food.

How many people survive?

In the two years that we have been hiding only seven of our members have ever been caught.


  • Spread the word of God
  • Help out other catholics
  • Always remember to keep the sabbath day holy
  • Keep faith by praying daily


  • Never travel above ground alone
  • Don't wear anything that labels you as a catholic
  • Don't preach out loud
  • Never allow anyone to follow you back to the catacombs that you don't know

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