Design Skill Building After Thoughts Journal Francis Rodriguez

The first Assignment was to create a recipe and adding our own twist and feel to it. This assignment was definitely a good way to get my "feet wet" to start off. i was able to manipulate the images the way i wanted them to look and learned that layers can be extremely helpful when it comes to manipulating other features on the working document. This was a very good way to help me feel comfortable with how certain tools work and how they best benefit a particular project.

Assignment 2- Creating a Poster

Second assignment consisted of creating a poster. I think this is where i experienced more of a struggle. This struggle was more about the manipulation of opacity to the images and how to layer them so they were appealing to the viewers eyes and not distracting. I had to make sure that this poster was actually attention catching and i think for my first try, I did pretty good. Manipulation of the images and colors was key here and the difference of this could crucial to the end product.

This Adobe course has helped me venture out into the InDesign program and has allowed me to discover other hidden gems. I was challenged to find what i needed to make particular actions work and i was challenged to figure out and what would make a project look good. When consumers look at products or our finished work, they see everything with their eyes first before they make the verbal analysis. Working along with the instructor and listening to how moving and placing items on a page would help draw the attention was amazing .

My final Reflection

I work in InDesign every day and for the most part, I take the same steps to produce my final projects. Listening and reading about how InDesign works in other venues was a great experience. It reminded me that I am not the only one to use the program and benefit from its cook features .I took every comment that was made on my assignments into consideration because i really do want to better myself and how i work in this program.I want to be able to train my coworkers without confusing them.

Training others in my department is important to me and making sure they are on the same page is beyond crucial. with that being said, i appreciate the clarity in explaining how to start assignments and how to navigate within InDesign. It was very easy for me to find where tools were and because of the explanations the instructor was constantly sharing, it made it easier for me to understand how to complete the assignments at hand. The Acronym "CRAP" was very helpful and helped me realized that i need to focus more on thinking about contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. once i get this right, I believe my work will improve and definitely stand out more when i am done with final projects.

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