Environment - The Maasai are located in the great rift valley of east Africa which spans between Kenya and Tanzania. The traditional lands extend 250 Km east to west 900 Km North to south their culture was maintained though much of the slave trade era as there warriors were much feared and slave traders would not venture onto there land. Their traditional lands have been significantly reduced due to agricultural purposes.

Culture - The Maasai are headers of cattle its determine their fear status and wealth they are semi-nomadic and regularly relocate to search for grass and water. Strong bounds are formed with the cattle and they believe they are a gift their God Engai They build low huts from branches and cattle dung and surround them by a kraals for which is a fence of sticks and thorns to keep them safe. Each clan has its on distinct bead work and jewelry. There culture is changing along with the developing world.

The Maasai Cricket Warriors

Gender Roles and Status

Males - Its a males purpose to grow up and to become a Moran (warrior). This process involves circumcision were the male has to show no outward signs of pain. They take pride in their physical appearance placing ornaments on their body and painting themselves with an ocher mixture. The most prized position is their spear which they use to protect their people against attack. They also build fences take care herds and find and maintain sources of water.

Female - The role of a Female includes building and maintenance of huts collecting water and firewood milking, cooking, sowing and bead work. For a girl to become a women and be able to marry she must undertaker rituals such as Circumcision.

Children - Children are given simple task such as herding cattle and lambs but they are not punished if they fail. Childhood is a time for Play and freedom as the Maasai believe that their self-conference of adulthood is build in these early years. Children are being encouraged to get a higher education to meet the standards of the developing worlds.

Power and Authority - The leaders of The Maasai are known as the ilpayiani which are the clans elders to become a ilpayiani they must go though a blessing ceremony called olngesherr where their heads are shaved. They make the major decisions for the clan and when one of the clan members has broken the rules they hold a fare trial. They are also family men, wise men, healers and spiritual advises.

Family Structure - The Maasai men can have multiple wife's as long as they can support them. The man is the head of the family while the wife is responsible for doing the housework.

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