Caulfield Chronicals By: Hannah SCHMELZER

Do you ever just come across those people who cannot stop bragging about their own self accomplishes in life? Well in my life yes, many times. Like these people are a bunch of phony's, who cannot stop themselves from changing every single damn conversation people have and turn it to make it about themselves. I get so damn mad when people start doing this to me and then I tend to get the hell away from those morons. Like why the hell can't they just have one normal conversation without twisting it to make it about something they have done in their life. I don't even bother trying to change the subject after that because I very much know that it will just go back to being about them once again. I’d like to put some sense in their heads, gosh like people should be able to take a hint and shut up about how great they are. You’d actually be surprised with how many people actually only talk about their own life, they wouldn’t give a damn to know anything about yours because they are to busy telling you about their own self’s. The conversation nowadays is never about me. I just have to sit and hear everyone else talk about how amazing they are in everything like school and sports. These certain people always think that they are better than you. It makes me depressed as hell. It really does, knowing that I’ll never be as good as them in anything. I cannot take it anymore.


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