Are you going to follow your dreams? The alchemist samantha belvedere P.3

“I’m an alchemist simply because i’m an alchemist” pg.126
Santiago is asking for the alchemist why he is a alchemist. His response is vague but I think reflects an overarching truth that the alchemist is trying to convey that Santiago which people try to complicate things move than they need to. When we stop trying to interpret things we stop trying we can simply appreciate. These lines seem to hold deeper meaning than what is on the surface. Even though it's simply it has a bigger message. Also the alchemist is the alchemist because of his actions. Actions speak louder than words. The actions I do in my life have a big role in what I do in the future. Things that are going on in my life that are expected or unexpected doesn't matter, it matters how I adjust and react to the situation.
“Why do you how to listen to our hearts.” pg.128
Santiago and the alchemist are talking about how your heart has an important role in following your dreams. The alchemist explains that hearts are emotional and respond to fear and sadness. If someone knows their hearts up and downs, you will be better at following your dreams, and knowing your self more. This quote relates to me because in my day to day life I know that I can and will pursue my dreams. Everyday I learn something new about my heart that I never knew.
“People learn, early in their lives, what is their reason for this being.” “Maybe that's why they give up on it so early.” Pg.24
This quote was stated by King Melchizedek. To Santiago about how many people give up on their life. He discusses how many people usually give up on their dreams.This stood out to me because this is a true statement and whenever something gets too hard or unexpected events get in someone's way most people give up. In my life, I know many people on my high school cheer team that give up because when they move up to varsity, they think that since they are on varsity they have reach their full potential.
“Because whenever your heart is, that is where you’ll find you treasure.” pg.128
Alchemist says this to Santiago. Alchemist is trying to get the message across , to trust what your heart tells you to do. When you listen to your heart, your dreams will come true. Santiago is going to find his treasure in the desert but doesn’t realize that it's in his heart. In my heart I really want to pressure my dream in becoming a career in fashion. I know if I listen to my heart that it will take me far.
“It is this: that a certain part in our lives, we lose control of what is happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That;s the world's greatest lie” (Pg.10)
This quote was spoken by King Melchizedek. To Santiago about the book that he was reading. He discusses the world's greatest lie as believing that our life’s are controlled by fate. By saying this is a lie, the kind is saying that all humans have the ability to control their future. Also, saying that people are too scared to follow their dreams because it's not normal or they aren't use to it. This stood out to me because he chose of words were interesting. This quote relates to me because sometimes in my life other things will come my way that controlled my life or there may be something I want to pursue to do with my life, it might be abnormal and many people look down upon me.
“We make a lot of detours, but we’re always heading for the same destination.
It means that we all want the same things in life but people take different paths to make their dreams happen. It stood out to me because I feel like the meaning is true for anyone's personal legend. We are all heading towards some kind of success, that may be becoming a doctor, finishing school or even traveling around the world but everyone's is different. But people that are trying to find their personal legend are all heading for success in their own way including me.


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