Buying A Home By Austin

When I'm looking to buy a home the most important thing that I am looking for is the price. Next I want to know if it is in safe conditions, how many beds and bathrooms it has,the parking where the house is located, the property size, if it's near a school, the amenities and then the age of the house

I plan on living in Los Angeles as a director. I chose this because growing I always loved to watch films and wanted to bring my ideas to life.

My income for a year is $77,000, my down payment to put on the house is 17,000, and my credit score is 690. My pre approval amount is $348,900.

The house that I want is 250,000, the address is 14440 Chumash pl , it has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, it is 8,115sqft , has lawn, central air, central heating and was made in 2006

The amount of money I will have to pay after the closing cost is $20,990. My mortgage will have to paid for 30 years at a rate of 3.832 making me pay $936 a month.

I will be able to afford this house with my income because my percent of monthly income is 14.5%

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