The Journy to get back to moose By:Christian chaves

One day Jeff the water droplet was laying on his friend Moose when he was starting to fall off him. Jeff was Moose's best friend for 5 years and they never wanted to part. "HELP!" Jeff yelled as he slowly fell off Moose. "I'm sorry Jeff, I didn't mean to sweat, I was getting tired." Moose cried back to Jeff. "Its ok, I will be back one day." Jeff replied.

Plop, plop, Plop! The other rain drops hit the ground while Jeff slowly infiltrated into the soil and was also slowly started to get really dirty. He tried to look for anybody that could help while he was accumulating with the other water droplets but they were all sleeping. Jeff was getting very scared but he finally found a water dirty water droplet that was awake. "Do you know how I can get back to my friend Moose?" Jeff asked the water droplet. "I'm afraid not, you will just have to wait until you could go up to the clouds and find him." Replied the dirty water droplet. "Ok, but what can I do in the meantime." Asked Jeff. "All you can do is sleep."Answered the water droplet. So Jeff went in the groundwater storage and took a long relaxing nap.

After 2 years of sleeping in the ground Jeff started to wake up when he was on a plant. He realized that he was transpirating from the plant. Jeff started to feel happy that he was getting closer to Moose. But very soon Jeff saw a cloud of cotton candy with water droplets eating the cloud slowly. Jeff couldn't wait until he could evaporate into the clouds.

When Jeff finally started to condense into the cotton candy clouds he noticed someone familiar. After he got a little closer he knew who it was right away, it was the dirty water droplet back from the ground. "Hi dirty water droplet." Jeff told to the water droplet. "You do know my name isn't dirty water droplet right." The water droplet replied. "Well then what is it?" Jeff asked. "My name is Jonathan, but you can call me Johnny for short." "Ok Johnny, but how can we get down from here?" Jeff asked. "You can locate your target then jump off." Johnny answered. Jeff spotted moose and grabed some cotton candy to use as a parachute and precipitated to Moose. Jeff was flying down to Moose as fast as a rocket.

Jeff finally started to slow down as he was getting closer to Moose but Moose had no clue Jeff was coming. "I really miss Jeff, I wish he could be here with me." Moose mumbled. "I can Moose, because I'm right here." Jeff yelled. " Jeff is that really you, I can't believe that you made it back!" Moose yelled back to Jeff. "Well it took me a few years but it was all worth it." Jeff replied to Moose. Moose made sure he never sweated Jeff off again and Jeff made sure he'd never fall off Moose again.


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