The Heart From bOb's veiw

Hi!! My name is Bob, and i'm going to show you what i do everyday of your life.

We start oUr tour in the vein. Your veins carry blood to the heart for oxygen.

WhEn your heart beats, it pishes the blooD the the RIght VentriCal. Then...

We go to the lungs through the pulmanary valve. Tjen, it co,e back through the pulmanary veins.

Then, we get pumped out theouGh the left ventrical. Then, we go...

To the rest of the body and we'll so it all over agian.

The End


Created with images by winnifredxoxo - "heart" • Dace Kiršpile - "veins" • klimkin - "heart raspberry board" • qimono - "blood cells red" • kev-shine - "flower"

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