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During this unit of playing around with investing and learning more about financial systems and investment tools, I had a lot of fun using a virtual stock exchange to see if my stocks were going up or down. I learned some very important facts about investing such as: learning when I had to buy and sell my stocks, checking the stock market every day to keep track of my stock, and understanding why investing is important to society. Investing is a way for people to gain money, in which a company wants you to try to become part of their success. I also learned that due to the economy and the news, stocks can gain or lose a lot of percentage points in one go.

Axa and Graco are doing well. Axa is doing well because more and more people are buying insurance, among other things, because of the terrorist attacks that happened in Belgium, and Graco is doing well because more and more companies are ordering paint machines from Graco. On the other hand, BMW and Tesla are decreasing because more people are going towards buying Volvo, Audi and Volkswagen cars as they are cheaper than both Tesla and BMW.

As I said before, due to recent news, half of the stocks I bought are doing better because the news and the market conditions have had a positive impact on their growth. I recently bought BMW and sold Nike. First of all, I sold Nike because their stock was dropping and I had to sell or I would have lost all or most of the money that I had invested into it. And secondly, I bought BMW because they were doing well, until people started buying some other brands more. In conclusion, I personally think that nothing should be changed because my stocks are still developing.

In this whole unit, my best companies have been Graco and Axa because of the terrorist attacks people have started to buy more insurance and for Graco more and more companies that build houses have been ordering paint machinery and other types of machinery. My worst companies were BMW and Tesla because many people think that BMW and Tesla cars are too expensive and people have started to buy more Volkswagen, Renault, and Audi cars. If I could invest in a different company it would probably be J&J because their stock is higher and if we buy more products by them it would benefit how long humans have been on planet earth.

STOCK DATA::https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TrOuyaARthRZG654vcG80nTW2sF6Jy7XY7HtCzdi0nM/edit#gid=0

Stock Market:https://docs.google.com/document/d/11rVrKIpCRnGaBHLO4yI7UzumpRpQaV7A6OE39Y9V_rw/edit


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