Life as Henry Ford A HeNry Ford BIOGRAPHY by christopher Smith

Henry ford was born on June 30, 1863 and died in April 7, 1947. As far as education Henry went to the Detroit business institute to focus on medical training. Some accomplishments of his are making the first automobile easily purchased but middle class citizen, using the assembly line technique, and many more. His significance was owning the ford motor company and mass produce cars, he probably had a significance during that time but forever. His lasting impact on history was his mass production of cars and making it easy to afford one.

In Henry's early life he was very interested in science and engineering. At the age of thirteen Henry's father gifted him a pocked watch in witch he took apart and reassembled. the neighbors were impressed and the wanted their watches fixed as well. Henry started to plan making a horseless carriage after marrying his wife Clara ala Bryant. In 1896 he made his first model the ford quadricycle.

After a few trials of building, finally in 1903 Henry established the ford motor company and in 1908 they introduced the ford model T. The ford motor company made cars easy to buy for middle class citizens.

Because of his success Ford is still in business to this day and probably for many more years. And just like in the 1920s Ford still makes great cars cheap enough for middle class people to be able to purchase.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently". -Henry Ford

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