Welcome to Your New Liptastic Career!! Yay you!!

I am so happy that you chose to make a change in you're life and start a Liptastic career with Lipsense by SeneGence! Are you ready to have fun and make some money? I hope so, because it's so amazing how fast this grows and how easy this is to sell! I think it's pretty simple. There are women that wear lipstick and there are those that don't. If you reach out to the ones that wear lipstick and give them an option to have lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours, you are going to get women that want our product! Thank you Lipsense!! "Yes, I would like to have fresh lipstick all day!" It's a no brainer...Easy Peasy!!
Please read through the information below to give you a guide to start your business. I am always here for questions and look forward to working with you!! You can email me at Jen.liptastic@gmail.com or call me at 585-957-4605 with any questions!
Thanks so much!!
Jen Kelly-Rogers

To Do

Welcome! This document contains a detailed TO DO list that will show you step by step how to get your business running and successful. Please read the ENTIRE document. This document will answer many questions you will have.

First Month Goals:

This is Just a Sample Order (popular colors).:

This is a sample, but I would do at least 3 of each color you choose. One to sample and 2 to sell. You want at least one gloss and one oops for a sample plus ones to sell with the color sets.

Your Sponsor will help you pick great colors to start with!

Set Goals:

  1. - Place your first 300 PV (50%off for the first month) order within the first few days of signing up. The sooner you have your product, the sooner you will generate income and begin to build your business. Click here to view a sample 300 PV order. Talk with your direct upline if you have questions or need additional recommendations on products to order.
  2. Build your FB group page and start posting. I am happy to help you build your FB page. Never be afraid to ask for help! There is so much support out there for this business!!
  3. Join my FB group at I am Liptastic. You can borrow any of my posts you like and use them on your group page.
  4. - Schedule your Launch Party. Speak to your upline & schedule your launch party ASAP. Ideally two - three weeks after your sign up date.
  5. Once you get your product, make selfies and post them on your FB page. SELFIES SELLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Good Selfies really do sell the product. (Airbrush and Fuzzel are great apps for doing selfie collages) Watch the selfie video right below it is super helpful!
  6. Make a list of people that might like to be on your team. NEVER try and push anyone!!! You do not want to have someone on your team that is not motivated. There are so many people out there that are interested, don't try and force someone that really isn't.
  7. Reach the rank of Maiden. Set the goal of becoming a Maiden within your 1st month of becoming a Distributor. This is done by adding 3 qualified distributors to your team and you all place a 300 PV order in the same calendar month.
  8. Set a goal to earn the Senecar reward!! It's doable in your first year for sure.
  9. Become a Significant SeneSeller!! You need $750PV a month to qualify. Set yourself up for success!!

Homework Assignments:

***- Change your Retention Level to 0%. Sign in to your back office > click business > click SeneCash > Retention Level > Change to 0%. DO THIS NOW or you will get paid your Commissions in SeneCash, which is basically product credit.

  • Read #week1 posts in the New Distributors Group (you can search at the top of the page for #week1).
  • Read the pinned post at the top of both the Lip Angels and The Lip Angels Training Page. They will give you hashtags to search on to make things easier.
  • Look through the Lip Angels group page and all the posts.
  • - Once you are in the Lippyholics group - Get to know the Lippyholic Lovelies Group. Understand how to navigate the files, albums & search tool.
  • Join the suggested groups one the top of the Lip Angels and Training Page.

Setting up your Payment Processing:

Get your Sponsors link to set up a new account to get $1000 in free processing. Go to Squareup.com and create an account. Order your free square reader ASAP as it takes about 7-10 days to receive your reader.


- Download the Square Register & Square Dashboard App and sync it with your square account.

- Square trainings are available in the files section of the Lippyholic Lovelies Group.

- Import your inventory using the CSV Square import file found in the LIP ANGELS files on the team page.

- Go to settings in the Register app and turn on the sales tax feature. Enter your State tax %. You can look at your tax rate you're paying on your own SeneGence order.

Create a Business Bank Account:

Set up a separate bank account and link your Square deposits to your business account. That way this account is specially for your business transactions. It makes life easier. Not mandatory, but it will simplify your transactions and you will be able to see exactly whats going on with your business.

Order Business Cards:

There are numerous sites you can use. Make sure to include your FB group, contact info & distributor ID#. Of course always plaster your Senesite if you have one.

SeneGence now offers many products to order. Business cards, application cards, apparel, etc

- Vistaprint.com

- Staples.com

- Zazzle.com (always look for coupon codes)

Order Shipping Envelopes:

Make sure you are using padded or bubble envelopes. Here are a couple links:

- Regular yellow Padded envelopes. - Hot pink padded envelopes.

Order Labels:

You want to add your labels to all products you sell so you get reorders & referrals. They are super cheap and easy to use.

Go to 500labels.com purchase the sheets in size small. Make sure to order either gold ( gold rub off so you will need to put tape over them) or clear. Put your Re-Order contact info on them. You can also use these to make Return Address Labels.

Social Media Apps:

Creating eye catching word art and videos will help set you apart and keep your customers engaged. There are so many apps available. These are a few of my favs.

-Word Swag -Red Stamp -Fuzel Collage -Rhonna Designs

-Canva is free and has an app and can be used on the computer! You can use it to make FB ready ads!

Airbrush is great for Selfies!!

-PhotoGrid is great for collages

- Word Swag & Typorama for Graphics

-Videoshop for video editing

-Pic Collage -iMovie -Viva Video

Supplies for Launch Party & Demos:

- Organza bags to place your sold products in.

- Lipstick applicators 150-500

- Lipgloss Applicators from back office or from amazon (faster shipping with prime)

- LipSense tester holders here or Dollar section at Target has cute little buckets

- Witch Hazel used for cleansing lips before application.

- Neutrogena Face Bar Soap to remove color & stripes quickly. DO NOT USE REGULARLY, it will dry out your lips. Ensure customers know that the OOPS remover is the best way to break down & remove the color.

- Cotton Rounds


-3x5 cards to document colors customer likes & orders

- Pens

- Pump/Spray container for Witch Hazel

- Pictures of colors, foam board with colors, info about joining your team, Party Specials

- Lip Pic photo album

Get an Expense Tracking App:

I use XpenseTracker and love it. I can input expenses as they happen and track all my mileage. Cost is @$4.99 for iPhones.

This is what it looks like in your App Store.

Create a Lip Color Photo Album or Foam Board:

Click here to view or download the individual lip colors & glosses to your computer. You can then upload them to any photo processing store to have printed. Put the pics in Scrapbook photo sleeves.

Check out the Demo Album for ideas on how to set up your Demo and Launch Party here.

- To create a lip color foam board sign, login to your back office click> resources > Marketing Materials. Save the images of both color charts to your computer. Upload the charts to Staples.com and create a 11x17 posters. Get two foam boards from the dollar store. Use double sided sticky tape and tape the posters to the foam board.


How do I create a group?

To create a group:

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Facebook Parties:

If you choose to do FB parties and I recommend doing it, you will want a party posting app. There are several out there, but I like VIZZLIE.com. It's FREE for the first couple parties a month and FREE for your group post scheduling. If you choose to do more the fee is $9.99/month.

Use the code : Lip Angels to sign-in

Suggestion!!!! If your FB hostess has never tried the product before, have her try it before you start the party. It helps a lot if your hostess knows the product and already loves it. You want her involved ! Take a picture and or video of her trying the LipSense and an after picture. Then post that in the party. Her friends will be more likely to purchase if they see she loves it. I party can go from 3 to 6 days (1 to 4 days before the party, the day of the party (FB Demo) and 1 day after to close it out.

Video Tutorials:

Simple ways to use ShadowSense for most of your make-up (including concealer, blush & eye liner):

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