Sir Isaac Newton By: nate moran

Born January 4, 1643 in the 17th century Originated from Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, United Kingdom.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton, an English physicist, astronomer, and mathematician

Summary of ideas

By the time he was 26, Newton was certain that all physical objects were affected equally by the same forces. Newton’s great discovery was that the same force ruled motion of the planets and all matter on earth and in space. The key idea that linked motion in the heavens with motion on the earth was the law of universal gravitatio.

Discovery about gravity

Impact on society

Newtons discovery had a big impact on the society, Newtons discovery led to him to write a book known as "Principia. In the Principia, Newton breaks down the gmggworkings of the solar system into simpler equations, explaining the nature of planetary orbits and the pull between heavenly bodies. In describing why the Moon orbits the Earth and not the other way around, the book changed the way people saw the universe. It made things more understandable for people and upcoming scientists.

Traditional beliefs in society

Before Isaac Newton discovered gravity or the ideas of it people really didn't pay attention to it or had an idea of it because they already believed In something else. In the 1650's when Newton started to come out with his ideas people started paying attention to it and started to understand it more. As years went on and more discoveries by Newton came, it changed the perspectives of many and impacted the beliefs on society. Before Newtons discovery people believed Aristotle's theory of gravity which was basic up down left right and diagonal. Newtons discovery changed Aristotle's thinkings and made it more complex and actually discovered the real theory of gravity.

Newtons quote

This quote tells us that humans may think we know a lot, we may think we are advanced in learning but in reality we only know a drop of what is available to us to learn. Back then Isaac newton discovered something that made history but in reality he scratched a surface of the world we live in today and there is much more learning available to all of us.


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