The Red Panda By: wilson chen and bristol vickers

Red pandas are slightly larger than your average cat with a bear like body. The belly and limbs are black. They have white spots all over their body and the rest of their fur is red.

Red pandas live in China ( the Eastern Himalayas ) in a forest environment because they tend to live in trees and eat a lot of vegetation.

Red pandas are being impacted by humans. Humans leave traps for pigs and deer and red pandas get trapped in them as well. Humans use their fur and cut down trees.

The traps,fur, and deforestation cause the overall population to decrease. Killing these animals for accessories and taking their habitat is a huge concern.

WWF is working with yak herders to decrease human impact on red panda habitat. The law says that anyone killing gets a fine of $1000.

Ex. of human impact on our planet

In conclusion, humans have impacted not only Earth's surface, but Earth's creatures. They have been the overall cause for red panda's extinction occurring and many others.


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