Broad square eSafety By ct and mB

To stay safe you have to deny strangers and only accept your friends and family. TELL someone if people are trying to be mean or harass you.

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying. People know it as online bullying. People get cyber bullied and try and commit suicide.


S=stay safe, but f someone asks you for details you say no and tell a parent.and people can save pictures.

M=don't meet up, if someone contacts you saying meet up, what do you say? NO! And show an adult.

A=accepting files, only accept people who you know and definitely not strangers.

R=reliable,you have to be reliable on any social media. Don't be silly otherwise you will get into trouble. And make sure all the information is true what your reading.

T=tell someone, you tell someone if people harass you online or message you. Tell an ADULT or POLICE!

You never know who is behind the computer
These are apps what you can only access when 13 or over
Stay safe

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