Cabra Matters Term 3 Week 10 2019

Principal's Report

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

Well, here we are! The last week of Term 3 which has been another busy, exciting and productive term of work and fun.

It is important to reflect upon all that we have achieved this term, in addition to the daily teaching and learning that occurs in every classroom. Here is the long list of extra-curricular activities which our staff have provided for our students to enjoy and learn.

• Tournament of the Minds involving two teams of Stage 3 students who designed and presented a response to a creative challenge. (Ms Stefanovska and Mrs Lam)

• PSSA Friday Sports competitions in Cricket, Rugby League, Girls Oz Tag, T Ball, AFL and Basketball. (Ms Butler, Mr Karantz, Mr Goulter, Ms Vazquez, Ms Tran and Mr Nile)

• SCRABBLE Club with interschool and international competitions. (Ms Ng-Prentice)

• Rugby League Skills sessions presented by the Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club.

• School, Zone and Regional Athletics Carnivals. (Mr Karantz and Mrs Sammut)

• K-2 Sports Fun Day. (Ms Sawaya, Ms Cazzy, Ms Bryne, Ms Vazquez, Ms Tran, Ms Ma and Mrs King)

• Aboriginal Studies activities concluding with a performance by the Muleurindi Clan.

• Interschool Maths Competitions. (Mr Nile)

• School Disco. (Ms Lam and Mrs Qarr)

• Weekly Homework Centre for 80 students. (Ms Vazquez, Mr Pearl, Mrs Wright, Mr Foo, Mrs Slotwinski, Ms Ma, Ms Sawaya and Ms Butler)

• Years 3-6 Spelling Bees. (Ms Zakaria and Mrs Lam)

• Kindergarten and Year 1 visits to Woolworths Supermarket to learn about where our food is grown and sold.

• PATCH program for parents to learn about helping students in the classroom. (Mr Phillips, Ms Meyer and Ms Jara)

• Jeans for Genes Day to raise funds for medical research to help children. (Mrs Fry, Ms Zakaria and the SRC)

• Winter Wonderland Disco. (Mrs Lam and Mrs Qarr)

• High School transition program for Years 5 and 6. (Mr Goulter)

• First Foot Forward introduction for Stage 3 students to Western Sydney University. (Mrs Swallow)

• Food Festival. (Mrs Qarr, Mrs Lam and Stage 3 teachers)

• Book Week – Character Parade, Book Fair, Author and Illustrator visits. (Mr Bassi)

• The Great Cabra Book Swap. (Ms Meyer)

• K- 6 Public Speaking School and District competitions. (Ms Lam and Ms Zakaria)

• Avalon PS Year 6 student visit. (Mr Nile)

• Year 1 visit to the Auburn Botanic Gardens.

• Year 2 visit to the Georges River Environment Centre.

• Year 3 visit to Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

• Avalon PS Concert Band performing for Years 3-6.

• Weekly Volleyball program. (Mr Nile)

• The presentation of the ‘Wonderland’ production involving 180 students. (Ms Turvey, Ms Meyer, Mrs Fry, Ms Hillman, Ms Mayo, Ms Drach, Mrs Swallow, Ms Tran, Ms Stefanovska, Mrs Greenfield, Mr Stelzer, Mr Bassi, Mrs Sun, Ms Sawaya, Mrs Le, Mrs Malouf, Mrs Wright, Mrs Sun, Ms Vazquez, Mrs Murray, Mrs Hampton, Ms Todd, Mrs Macias, Ms Ng-Prentice, Mrs Qarr and Mrs Kolderie)

On behalf of all students, parents and carers, I would like to sincerely thank our staff, in particular, those mentioned above, for their ongoing hard work and commitment. Our staff provide a wide range of learning activities to help our students aim high, dream big and strive to succeed.


I would like to thank our families for their support of the school and wish you a restful and safe holiday. Classes resume on MONDAY OCTOBER 14.

Kindest regards,

Glen Stelzer.

Public Speaking

Congratulations to all the students who competed in the Stage Finals for Public Speaking.

Jess Jacob KC, Mason Lu KV, Maya Phan 1J, Vincent Nguyen 2J, Sophia Roberts KV, Vivaan Shandil KS, Jessica Khiev 2A, Ru Xi Qarr 1J, Lily Bui KS, Mackenzie Antonio KB, Isaac Cant 1S, Katelyn Chung 2A, Yousef Al Fayli KB, Wishee Taing KS, Ru Xue Qarr 2SW, Matthew Huor 3G, Alvin Korn KC, Ione Ugov KB, Adalene Paiena 1S, Megan Pham 4K, Makayla Pham 3S, Mia Nguyen 3D, Nicholas Trinh 3D, Vimean Nouv 5/6E, Solina Sar 4Z, Dwayne Nuon Eleele 3S, Eideyn Tran 5/6L, Tony Nguyen 5/6E, Mikayla Lin 4K, William Ho 4H, Jasmine Song 5/6N, Tia Trinh 5/6G, Minh Thy Qarr 5/6BN, Justin Trung Nguyen 5/6C, Annabel Huor 5/6N.

All students did an outstanding job presenting their speeches. A winner and highly commended placement was given to students from each Stage.

ES1 Winner Lily Bui KS, Highly Commended Mason Lu KV

S1 Winner Vincent Nguyen 2J, Highly Commended Adalene Paiena 1S

S2 Winner Solina Sar 4Z, Highly Commended Mikayla Lin 4K

S3 Winner Justin Nguyen 5/6C, Highly Commended Annabel Huor 5/6N

The winners went off to Smithfield West Public School to represent our school in the Fairfield Network Public Speaking Competition. Well done to everyone for your great achievements and efforts. Vincent Nguyen (2J) received a Highly Commended placement for his public speaking.

Thank you parents and teachers in supporting our students throughout this process.

Jeannette Zakaria & Tonie Lam

Public Speaking School Finals

Fairfield Network Public Speaking



This year our amazing Production Team of teachers and 180 students worked together to stage Cabramatta Public School’s adaption of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. It was a great success!

Cabramatta Public School’s ‘Wonderland’ saw Alice travel to a fantasy world inhabited by a collection of unique characters such as the energetic White Rabbit, the comical Cheshire Cat and the malevolent Queen of Hearts. Alice ponders, “Curiouser and curiouser!”

The students began rehearsals in Term 2 and rehearsals took place during many lunch times and after school. The annual production allows students to not only sing, dance and act but also help with the stage and costume design. Our staff showcased their expertise in script writing, drama direction, sound and lighting design, stage design, costume design and choreography.

As with any production of this size there were many challenges in drawing together such a range of creative pursuits into a cohesive whole but, as always, it was “right by the night”! This is because of the collaborative team that works together on all aspects of the show. Over many years at Cabramatta a culture has developed where we value working together to provide opportunities for students and staff, to promote the arts for all and to entertain our community.

Shelly Turvey

Wonderland Director

Production Backstage Team

Enrol Your Child Now

Our school is currently accepting enrolments for children who turn 5 by 31st July 2020 to begin Kindergarten in February 2020.

This is an exciting time in your child’s life and our school would like to be involved in your child’s learning.

If you would like to enrol your child at our school, please visit our school office.

To apply for enrolment, you will need to provide copies of the following documents.

• Child’s Birth Certificate

• Child’s Passport

• Child’s Immunisation Certificate

• Proof of Address

• Health Issues forms

• Doctor’s details

• Medicare Card

• Parent’s Identification (passport/citizenship papers)

• Visa Grant Notice

• Authority to Enrol

Once you have enrolled your child you will be invited to choose a day for them to attend the Transition to Kindergarten Program in Term 4. This program helps prepare your child for a successful start to Kindergarten.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our school. For further information, please contact the school on 9724 1534.

Our new school app is now active.

Cabramatta Public School has signed up to a new platform to help improve communication between our school and the parent community.

SkoolBag will be used to send app notifications regarding important events and school announcements. As well as a reference point for key documentation.

We are excited to be using technology to help bring our community closer together. Please follow the download instructions below.

What's happening?
  • October 14th - First Day of Term 4
  • October 15th - Stage 3 Camp
  • October 16th - Stage 3 Camp
  • October 17th - Stage 3 Camp
  • October 18th - PSSA
  • October 22nd - Sports and Group Photo Day
  • October 23rd - Burraneer Bay PS visiting Year 4
  • October 24th - Regional Final Public Speaking
Community Annoucements

Old Style Uniform On Sale

We have the following styles and sizes available in the old style uniform.

Boys Shorts for $8.00 Sizes - 6,8,10,12,14,16

Girls Skorts $10.00 Sizes - 4, 8,10, 12

New at the Uniform Shop

School Backpack $10

Library Bag $8

Uniform Shop is OPEN from

8.30am—2.30pm Monday to Thursday

8:30am—12pm Friday

CLOSED from 12pm on Fridays

The Uniform Shop is located in the front office.


Cash Only and No Refunds are given



We will no longer be collecting the money for any Scholastic Book Club orders at school. The catalogue's will still be sent home with your child. Then if you wish to order anything from the catalogue you will need to follow the steps below. Your order will then be delivered to the school and sent home with your child, as it has in the past.

Canteen News

Mini Lunch Packs

Not sure what to order for lunch? Why not try one of our mini lunch packs.

Each pack comes with

  • Mini cupcake
  • Mini fruit cup
  • Mini chocolate or strawberry milk
  • Mini jelly cup

Your choice of either

  • Devil wing
  • 2 chicken wings
  • Dim sim
  • Wedges
  • Party pies

Each pack comes with a hot food option of your choice.

Each pack costs $6.00

Thank you, from the canteen staff.

Mini Lunch Packs

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