PALS Adult Program Newsletter Edition 56: february 24th, 2017

Welcome to Edition 56! Here's a look at what happened this week in the Adult Program...

I was in vocational training. I was tying up the apron. I was happy. I had a big smile! KYLE

I earned my proud badge because I worked really hard independently at frog hollow. I washed the toys and I cleaned the windows. I felt so proud of myself. FRASER

I was at frog hollow. This is my supervisor Eva. We made her happy birthday card because it was her birthday. She felt so happy! ARIEL

Yoga is sweeeeeeeet! I was doing a pose like a chair! I had to hold it and stand still! Katie teaches yoga and she's just stellar! I feel all stretched out after! JAMIE

Shannon talked about Cambodia. I heard she is going there for a trip. I learned people eat noodles for breakfast in Cambodia. They also eat snakes, tarantulas, cat poop coffee, crickets and much more. There are lots of things to buy on boats also. Cambodia has many things. It's also near Thailand. This is me and caoimhe pretending to eat a tarantula. SANGEON

I went to a party at EFAP. It was for no Bully day! There was pink! We wore pink Shirts. I ate chips and candy and pink juice. I saw my work friends. I met new people. It was so fun! JULIA

We went shopping at the dollar store. I saw a st. Patrick's day hat. I put it on. I looked funny! KARL

This week I learned new moves in dance class. We are dancing to the song backstreets back! I'm going to practice at home and show Kari on Monday. When I come back to pals I'll be the star of the show! NICOLE

Doug had fun watching old videos of pals performances on the computer. Some were from the old program!

I am in first aid class we were talking about how to go down the stairs properly we should hold onto the railing and walk slow so we don't fall. GABBY

I am emptying the garbage independently. It is one of my jobs. I check all the rooms to make sure all the garbage cans are emptied. I wear gloves because I don't want to touch gross garbage. BETHANY

I was in first aid with Kristine and friends. We learned how to safely walk down stairs. I used my iPad touch chat to explain how. CHRIS. C

I am in signs class. I signed my name. I helped ally and handed her the cards. CHARLIE

These are all our candle boxes. I enjoy making them. I am good at it. We keep them on this shelf after. MELISSA

We were putting the wax in the tin. I put the oil in. It smelled like a spa so relaxing. I put it on the tray after. I had to be careful not to bump them because it's hot. ABBIE

Laila loved music with Caitlyn this week. She played lots of songs and let Laila play her guitar!

I was typing in ICT. I typed it on the iPad. My mom likes seeing it. CHRIS. O

I worked on the candles. Wow there's lots of candles. I put the tape on and poked a hole! I put the wax in the candles. Then I dried off the candles. TANYA


The weather is changing and it's starting to be sunny.

I'd pay to keep it this way but I don't have any money.

I wish I could pay in jokes because I'm really very funny.

I'm telling the truth, you better believe me honey!


Q: Why did the ghost come back to the library everyday?

A: She went through her books too quickly!

Have a great weekend!

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