Florida Museum of Natural History Reed quin

The butterfly exhibit was particularly appealing to me for a number of reasons. First, as my picture above shows, they were just casually chilling on the fruit eating it while there were a bunch of people around them taking pictures. This really stood out to me because they just pretended like we weren't even there and they did this throughout the whole exhibit. They were just flying around all the people like they weren't even there and just minding their own business. It led me to understand that people should act in similar ways much like the butterflies. Instead of always worrying about what other people think or do so much, we should just worry about ourselves.

This picture shows me toward the end of the butterfly rain forest and this is very different from how I was at the entrance. As soon as I walked in, I was swarmed by butterflies that seemed to be bat sized and I was honestly terrified. I went with some friends who felt the same way but as we went through the exhibit we began to lighten up. We watched one old man who had two different butterflies just chilling on his arm and back and we soon began to enjoy the butterflies. It was really awesome to see such beautiful creatures in nature interact with humans like that. This experience definitely made me appreciate nature a little bit more than I already did.

This whole experience definitely introduced me to a whole different side of life. Although I already knew about it's existence, I had never really explored it much so seeing all these cool things was really interesting. If I didn't go on this trip, I would probably never know that butterflies could grow to be that large, for instance. It really opened my eyes to some entertaining new things. It definitely led to a greater appreciation of the natural world for me. Now, whenever I am walking around and happen to see a butterfly, I will remember this experience and truly appreciate that butterfly rather than just walking by and ignoring it.

Florida Museum of Natural History. Visit Gainesville, https://www.visitgainesville.com/attractions/florida-museum-of-natural-history/

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