Hunter By Mercedes Lackey

The name of my book is Hunter.

Judging by the cover and title, I think the book will be about dragons hunting people, and the people have to survive them.

What I know about the topic is that dragons are included in mythology, and that they can be very dangerous. I know that surviving monsters is very difficult in other movies and books. It probably takes place a long time ago, so the weapons and methods of defense won be as advanced. Survival can be very trying, and you must always be vigilant for your surroundings.

I haven't really personally experienced anything about this topic, except camping, which is being in wilderness, and fishing, which is patiently hunting.

Some words or phrases that might be important to this book are: survival, dragons, hunting, weapon, strategy, shelter, food, water, and fire.

One sentence summary: People in ancient times must fend off dragons that are attacking and hunting them.

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