Strategic standardization 373rd Training Squadron Det. 2 providing high-quality, confident missile maintainers

A strategic review of the Air Force's nuclear enterprise in 2014 identified a delay in initial qualification training for missile maintenance Airmen at the service's three missile wings because they were tasked with executing their mission and training their Airmen in those initial skills areas. Air Force Global Strike Command and Air Education and Training Command, after some time looking for solutions, ultimately decided formal training detachments were the answer to get Airmen trained quicker and more efficient.

The 982nd Training Group at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, worked to stand up formal training detachments under the 373rd Training Squadron to provide standardized initial qualification training for missile maintainers in three Air Force Specialty Codes: missile maintenance, electro mechanical and facilities maintenance teams. Detachment 21 at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, is one of those locations.
The detachment has several training tools at their disposal including Uniform-01, a mock Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile launch facility, where each of the AFSCs are able to get hands-0n application of the different maintenance tasks they will be required to complete at a real-world launch facility in Warren's area of responsibility. From maintenance vans to a payload transporter and a silo with an unarmed training missile and supporting equipment, Airmen are able to show competency in their job before becoming a functional asset in the field.
The shroud of a minuteman iii intercontinental ballistic missile, which in this case is on an unarmed instructional training unit.
The Minuteman iii intercontinental ballistic missile seen here is used for training purposes only to give airmen hands-on application of their career field before working at a functioning launch facility.
Staff Sgt. Charles Hafer, left, is a facilities maintenance team instructor in the 373rd Training Squadron's Detachment 21. He and Airman Richard Figueroa go through maintenance technical orders for use of a hoist that is used in the process of missile maintenance at launch facilities operated by Warren.
Tech. Sgt. Errick Wernecke, a Detachment 21 missile maintenance team instructor, talks to 82nd Training Wing Vice Commander Scott Berlanger, left, and Chief Master Sgt. Eric Dudash, 982nd Training Group superintendent, about Uniform-01, the detachment's on-site training silo that provides in-depth, hands-on training for missile maintenance Airmen in the 90th Missile Wing at Warren. Wernecke said from an operational standpoint, the decision to place initial qualification training in an FTD was the right move for the force.

Created by John Ingle, 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

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