Project 1: Curves By: Evan Golden

View of my robot
View of my robot from above

What I Changed

Several times I changed my program to make turns sharper or wider, and for longer or shorter.

Testing the first curb with a 3.5 rotation, 25 turn at 50 power - changed to 5 seconds of 15 turning right at 50 power, too sharp of a turn - changed to 8 turn at 6 seconds at 50 power - barely too sharp and kept turning after turn was complete - changed to 7 turning for 5.3 seconds at 50 power - barely to wide of a turn, and too short - changed back to 8 turning for 5.7 seconds - changed to 7.6 turning at 5.9 seconds, barely too sharp, barely too short - changed to 7.3 turning for 6.2 seconds - very close, barely too wide - changed to 7.5 turning at 6 seconds - worked - added - another turn to left - -30 turn for 2 seconds

changed to -10 turn for 2.4 seconds - changed to -11 turn for 3.35 seconds - worked - added another steering block

changed to 0 turning for 5 seconds at 50 power - goes the right way, but falls short of the turn - changed to 6.5 seconds

added steering move program - -15 turn for 3.35 seconds at 50 power - changed to 3.1 seconds - added steering for m0 turn for 4.3 seconds - added steering 50 turn for 1 second - added steering for 0 turn 100 power 3 rotations

This is the final program that worked for my robot.

This is the video for my robot completing the course.

This is the video for my Robot testing the Curved Move Program

What I've Learned

I learned how to make my robot curve instead of turn sharply, and the programs and turning slower. It helped me be able to program smooth curves instead of sharp turns.

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Evan Golden


Evan Golden

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