Feudal Japan by kristen chung

What customs keep structure in a society?


Feudalism is based off on a fair exchange between each social rank. It's foundation is trust. For example, the samurai protected the shogun. In exchange, shoguns gave land to them. Peasants farmed land and made food. Their profits from their farms were transferred to the Shoguns, who promised to protect them and also give them land. Daimyos assisted the shogun. This system lasted longer and also made the citizens feel safe. Each rank got something from each other. Without it, it would be unfair to lower ranks to do more labor for others and not get anything in return. Lower ranks could revolt and overthrow the ruler.

a representation of japan's feudal society

Zen Buddhism

Zen buddhism is a religion that stresses self-reliance and enlightment through meditation. This helped people relax and stay calm. Samurais appealed to this the most because it helped them overcome the fear of death, focus on their mind, and respect others and have a form of discipline. Without it, there would probably be a lot of stress in people. There would be no way to relieve it, and many people would end of being very angry and frustrated. Having buddhism made people find theirselves though meditation and relaxation.

a sketch of a samurai meditating.
"To become the enemy, see yourself as the enemy of the enemy." Miyamoto Musashi, Japanese Samurai


Samurai code that warriors learn to be honest, fair, defend their lords & protect them, and even risk their lives and avenge their lords death. They learn to value loyalty, and even kill themselves to not accept defeat. This helped samurais with a code of conduct to follow. Bushido taught samurais discipline and honor. Without it, there would be no rules to follow, they could be scared of war, and they won't have a strong training system.

bushido's seven virtues

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