Content Marketing Proposal for opt it

What we know about Enterprise IT in India

The Indian Enterprise IT market is affected by two major recent outcomes, especially for nimble and agile partners such as OPT IT, 1) poor economic growth in the U.S and Europe has led many companies in India to go lean and mean and has put a lot of pressure on cutting costs on IT overheads, but not at the cost of security, agility, and scalability. And 2) serious push from the current Indian government with the deployment of INDIA STACK to help Indian companies built great products for Indian businesses has opened up a whole new domestic demand for incumbents. Both are good news for OPT IT to cash in on the consolidation (reason #1) and expansion of opportunities (reason #2).

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What are your client challenges and demands

  • Current market demands of companies moving towards modernizing (hybridizing) IT infrastructure has lead to reaching out to new clients within mastered verticals (Eg: OPT IT).
  • Security concerns with every growing BYOD culture has put great demand on secure cloud/hybrid services.
  • Ideally what companies want is to move from a SILOED approach to a HOLISTIC approach to Enterprise IT.
  • Right from UI to UX clients demand fluid/functional solutions (built with enough complexity) to solve more problems quickly in a seamless manner (less complexity).

All these have to be communicated through an effective content marketing approach. A recent study from the Content Marketing Institute finds that Enterprise companies (both big and small) are integrating content marketing to directly address the needs and challenges of prospects and clients.

What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising not its form. - David Ogilvy

How can content marketing help OPT IT

For an Enterprise IT product and service oriented company, especially the ones which aren’t large, focus on targeting a niche market or sector and market their agility and 1-on-1 abilities to solve client issues quickly have become a U.S.P. In order to achieve the ideal market reach, content marketing is not the only way. Content marketing has to be integrated with existing offline marketing strategies to get the best results. For OPT IT, we propose the following content marketing goals:

  • Acknowledge and address market (prospects/client) concerns
  • Establish OPT IT brand as a thought leader in Enterprise IT
  • Showcase prowess and agility through various content engagements
  • Create a conduit for prospect/client engagement and to address critical questions to effectively close sales
  • Educate and inspire through content to build empathy
  • Discovery - consideration - comparison - purchase: Address all these stages of Enterprise IT buying journey

What are the commercials for our content marketing services
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